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  1. haha i remember earlier in kavala "i'm pressing C it's not doing anything" longest and most enjoyable time i've had on a stream though
  2. what's with the low offers...
  3. 20% taxes doesn't really affect the total amount you make at the end of the week? or was I misinformed?
  4. wow. you guys have more vests than you have brain cells.
  5. but couldn't a member of the ARC be biased towards admins that they may be friendly with?
  6. thanks @Pilot for drone perspective
  7. yeah especially with that 3 edited over the 4
  8. yeah you're right it's usually online companies that get hit off really badly, only time I remember being hit off was by a friend for maybe 30 seconds.
  9. it isn't that important, but it can cause inconvenience for a short amount of time unless you had a VPN running when it gets logged
  10. look up rip.me
  11. not inject virus but you could log an IP using a gyazo link
  12. you're good, you're good, you're good!
  13. @Norwegianviking you said 10 codes wouldn't be enforced but... 10-4?
  14. thanks for the two minutes of a black screen