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  1. ur so retarded who would get permed for holding "W" while downed ur the only down syndromed person here.
  2. ur screaming about blowing up a heli?? u didnt blow it up? u shot someone outside of it and there crates dropped on blew it up? i dont get it
  3. eta on jets being removed? ------------------------------------------- @bamf @Gnashes @Paratus ------------------------------------------- @KrazyKnight @Flameless @Google™
  4. lul

  5. wtf... why would they add it in donor 4 and only for undercover cops they should add it in a patch most retarted thing ive ever seen
  6. wtf is actually happening
  7. "cough cough" @Bunni @thero @Winchester @Google™
  8. go back to your beaner gang and sit there for 10 hours a day robbing people at meth lab with ur gay little petty qilin
  9. wtf lmfao ahahaha
  10. csat wetsuits??? xxxxxxxxddddddddd
  11. "who uses full auto cmon" "fricking aimbot hacker"
  12. i bet he doesnt bitch like u to over a video game... ur a parent crying over a video game.. ouch?
  13. do u talk to ur son like that
  14. werent wrong there bud