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  1. The Meth Lab spawns east more, in fact. A few updates ago I remember Bamf telling me he "tweaked the meth processing spawn formula a touch" (more likely to spawn east than north). The Meth Lab spawn is definitely not 50/50; I am not sure about the spawn probability for the other drug fields, though.
  2. Tried that plan for a week or so and never got anywhere above 150 Mbps. I'm just using their 150 Mbps upload/download plan now, which is working great.
  3. You have the Fios gigabit plan, @Mayhem?
  4. Welcome!
  5. I'll try it out.
  6. How's it quick? Now that all cities have a radius, you have to go quite far out to find a good area with trees and then drive back to a market, which is usually done with a truck. Admittedly, it was extremely easy and fast with the Donor town trick, but that's been fixed now.
  7. The POP from the secondary explosion at 4:23 has me dead... LOL! #IWalked500Miles
  8. Welcome to the Asylum community!
  9. Tanoa was my absolute favorite. Too bad it was removed. I wish it'd come back.
  10. How's the real estate business?
  11. M.
  12. Waiting for S4 to hit >80 players so we can see how the server reacts (desync, mass kicks, etc.).
  13. He's the owner of Swiftnode, Asylum's host.
  14. But then someone could just DDoS server #3 instead... Aren't strong filters put in on those two aforementioned servers to prevent those attacks?
  15. @bamf Just wondering - why isn't this performance patch being tested on server 4 instead, the server which I believe most likely has the most issues of all the servers?