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  1. We have given out a large loan, as a result are vetting loans more now, as we are low on capital <3
  2. Thank you!
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  5. Yes!
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  8. Yes Daddy ^
  9. Starting A Business In The Asylum Can Be Tough! Hence My Businesses Such As NO's Loans + Insurance! For equity in your business / a percentage of your sales NO can help you with Capital (Money) Ideas Vehicles Personnel Acquiring Assistance With Problems, Such As Competition, Posting On Forums Effectively, Discord Management, ETC If You'd Like To Hit Me Up For Either Loans Or Consultation Join Our Business Discord
  10. NO now has more capital, don't be afraid to apply!
  11. These are still around!
  12. Already has!
  13. Always
  14. That is true xD
  15. HMU For Financial Aid!