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  1. Add Me! Cpl. Coolio#0540 Loans Being Accepted!
  2. NO's Loans *I actually try to give a shit about RP if you're just here to shitpost then have at it, but understand you're part of the problem* I am loaning money on all servers. First loan max amount is 1.75x your current net worth (some special exceptions) If you fail to pay back your first loan you will be barred from ever taking a loan with us again If your loan is overdue - the interest doubles, the next amount you may take out does NOT increase and you are suspended from taking another loan for 3 days If you shit post or attempt to scam you will just be barred from taking loans If you pay a loan on time and without a fight or excessive reminder - your next loan max amount will increase by 1.75x and interest will not change! You may only have one loan at once You are responsible if the item you take a loan for is destroyed Real estate loans are preferred Feel free to add me on steam AFTER filling out application Recovery agents, if items are unpaid will often repossess vehicles, bounty collect, or seize assets to compensate for unpaid items If you threaten/attack a recovery agent your loan payback amount is increased and you are barred from taking more loans Recovery agents will wear yellow vests and identify themselves to you. Apply Here! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdbAi57vRW3rA1gdIrKiDs67cc9UFYA6kJjcbYoALcMcDYhqg/viewform Discord https://discord.gg/3Gv8Dk You will be talked to further when you apply! <3
  3. Qualifies For Financial Aid! PM Me On Discord Cpl. Coolio#0540
  4. Still willing to give loans, feel free to discord message me
  5. We have given out a large loan, as a result are vetting loans more now, as we are low on capital <3
  6. Server 2 Barley For Sale! $100 Per Barley $500/KM Delivery Fee Packages 100 Barley = $8,500 250 Barley = $20,000 Or A Custom Package = $100 Per We're Hiring! Apply Here! Also Place Orders Here https://discord.gg/BwKtw6W
  7. Endorsed By NO Fair Employer
  8. NO's Loans Is Now Doing Low Interest Loans! If You'd Like To Promote RP Take A Small No Interest Loan!
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