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  1. POL

    Wtb shed

    Whats your budget ?
  2. Whats this guys in-game name ? just asking for Research purposes KOS
  3. No one will answer your question, we are busy having fun right now.
  4. Absolutely, increase the cap, never a second server.
  5. He will answer your question for $5 million more.
  6. Try role playing, take on a character, you'll enjoy it more than standing around and waiting for things to happen.
  7. POL


  8. POL


    I'll sell it to the next person who posts here for 200k because of that statement.
  9. POL

    Selling sheds

    5 million for the coke Shed
  10. POL


    Posted 1 hour ago. Nice try Einstein, increased the offer minimum to 700k [Only for DS members].
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