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  1. Cartel battlefield/conquest/war server, where gangs and groups take control/raid areas for rewards that get linked back to the main life server. Those without a gang or group affiliation can still join the server but as mercs for hire or independents with side missions that generate cash rewards that help them get off the ground on the main life server. Persistent and dynamic world between the two servers, where people craft items[weapons,vehicles etc] to use on the battle server. Rebrand as Asylum ONLINE.
  2. Don't deviate from what made Asylum Life great, just focus on life servers.
  3. Server: 1 Stone House - 3 Crater Location (Town/DP#): Neri, DP1 Asking Price: Biding starts at $200,000 Description: Pictures/Video Walk-through: https://gyazo.com/f4910b6e398e9ac0a26b5882db4e1e7b
  4. Not just weapons but also ingredients such as barley,,diamonds, ephedra. Player shops should also sell products that are high risk like drugs since some of us prefer not to take on the risk at drug dealer[selling unprocessed coke]. Ideally there should be a minimum order quantity to help sellers with profits. Ultimately, the biggest purpose player shops should serve is helping buyers save time, helping sellers make a profit quickly, and encourage interactions among the community.
  5. Here is a suggestion, please add a dislike button to posts.
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    Stop derailing the auction, also no offers behind curtains.
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