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  1. good how are you baby boy
  2. thats another ben not me, I've been blacklisted for a bit now
  3. the amount of crybaby retards I know by voice in this video is insane
  4. why do I feel like you're talking about certain people in this post
  5. sounds like something that would revive asylum
  6. It's funny who cares
  7. you bought the house for market stop
  8. autism
  9. used to play ranked a lot, haven't played in a while. prolly will hop on tonight if not tommorow and we can play username is BenIV its iv
  10. what rank are you
  11. stop being a prick
  12. 180k for both
  13. I honestly don't know what's wrong with @Barkin you need help man
  14. he told he he hopes I end up like my idol and sent a pic of peep.. kid's salty
  15. stop trying to slither your way back into the community nerd