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  1. cringe
  2. got one 1.5km from donor rebel
  3. peanut butter inside
  4. 300k
  5. 200k
  6. scuffed geezer @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  7. IGN: Ben Flint aka "The Grand Wizard" Age: 18 How long have you played Minecraft? Ever since I was diagnosed with severe autism. Rate your building skill (personally, 1-10): 10. I can build a father to fulfill the missing hole in my heart where mine should be. What makes you stand out: Contrary to popular belief, I'm black. Some of you may say "Ew" But I do feel like that makes me stand out as African Americans are 12.6% of the U.S. population according to the 2010 U.S. census. What are good block combinations? KFC and Watermelon. Scuffed J's and Deadbeat dad. Felon and Can't Swim. Chicken and Flabby armed brown kitchen soldiers. Screenshots of previous builds: They're too big but if you can kind of imagine a 5 and another backward 5 interlocking that's usually what they look like.
  8. i knew it was about chili's before i even fucking opened it
  9. kudos to the person who found it out, they deserve it
  10. where'd your rank go? lol
  11. why are you screaming in the video
  12. sounds like you're pretty upset to me
  13. stop crying
  14. i have one 1.5km from donor rebel on s1