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  1. Like I said if there are 75 people on when I look, your damn right I'm getting on. when I see 15-30 there's no point.
  2. +1 quit bc servers are dying, not enough people ever on to have fun. I think moving from 4 to 2 servers would make asylum great again. 75 people average? I'd come back.
  3. 300k right now
  4. 250k
  5. Thanks for saving me from @Sandwich's briefing
  6. Aren't you the one who just sits on top of bounty hunter ATM & RDMs?
  7. See ya buddy! Best of luck with all of your future endeavors. It was always fun with you around.
  8. I wax myself
  9. @Gnashes @SharingWriter @IAmLegion @Dredge @Robbo this picture represents all of you.
  10. pics?
  11. 350k bid for 220k
  12. bump
  13. in all reality what probably happened was, @matth killed a bunch of cops or came in with a 100k+ bounty, gave a shit 5 min story and thinks he deserves a pardon. he doesn't get one so something in his creative little mind says "cry about it on the forums"
  14. Barely anyone makes money on cop, shit half of the time I play I'm losing money or barely breaking even!
  15. title says s1