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  1. holy fuck
  2. kys
  3. do u really mean you appreciate me.... I'm tearing up mitch I love u
  4. bump taking offers
  5. It's different for everyone, go into GeForce experience and see what recommended settings they have for you and go from there.
  6. right, but what I'm saying is that if you raise your settings your FPS may be better because you'll be using your GPU and not all CPU.
  7. I meant tweak your arma settings.
  8. Arma is one of the most CPU intensive games, if I were you I'd try to play with your settings because actually at low settings most of your load is on your CPU and not GPU, try turning your settings up a bit and see if there's any performance difference. If anything, your CPU is great. Upgrade your cooling system and do a bit of overclocking and see where that gets you, and make sure Arma is on your SSD.
  9. @Walter White
  10. m
  11. listed for 1m go get it
  12. u
  13. B