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  1. o7 wish you all the best
  2. @Gnashes @bamf Swat is broken, hasn't activated for the last 3 banks/feds
  3. @Action_Jaxon its sad to see you go. We've gone through a lot of shit together. So I'll see you around
  4. Yes they did catch the driver,
  5. I know he joined Ts earlier and he wanted me to make a post for the people that could not see the discord message
  6. For those of you that know the player @J. Urbanowski , a Sergeant in the APD - he was hit by a drunk driver on February 16th crossing the street and was left in a coma for 8 days. His lung was punctured and both of his legs were broken. He is still in the hospital as of today. but is still unable to walk. He wanted to let you guys know that he may not return to the community but wanted to let me know that he is doing okay and he wanted to let his friends know why his sudden disappearance. let his friends know why his sudden disappearance. why his sudden disappearance. If anyone wants to get in contact with him feel free to contact him through discord. @bbgreg17 @Patato @Hunt @Dredd - he wanted me to tag you
  7. 4th
  8. So True #IWalked500Miles
  9. The Bohemia_Interactive folder is the local part of your app data, not the roaming, it should be here. C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Bohemia_Interactive
  10. firstly you could try launching steam as an administrator, that might help. you could also make sure all drivers are up to date that could be a cause of the problem
  11. Cya later @Shugie Boogie only played with you a few times but its always sad to see the community lose another good member
  12. Surname is Jones and people started to call me Jonesy as a nickname and is stuck ever since
  13. XD