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  1. So to take care of one jet I need a crew of 3 men to go off chasing one jet for 30+ minutes? If this is your solution this just proves how broken jets are. What I think need to happen is you guys need to B Q U I T T C H I N G that you won't be able to rack up so many jet kills anymore.
  2. Plus OPFOR jets are far superior to NATO jets. Irish knows it but he wouldn't admit. I saw him join NATO and try to get in on that jet action and it seemed like he gave up pretty quick.
  3. So swap from what I am doing to pursue one jet and I'll have to invest time and money to take you out. All that for one revenge kill. You will just buy another jet and be up in seconds again.
  4. I had been fight that objective for quite some time and finally cleared it with a team mate. Your first pass killed him then I moved in because it was about to secure and your second run finished me off. How am I in anyway supposed to counter that in anyway vs a 7.62 on foot lol. What swap to crewman and forget the fight to try and chase down a one jet. Ya right.
  5. How's about you get on the ground and fight it out some and see how it is. After anywhere from 10-30 minutes of fighting and objective it would be nice if I didn't get strafed at an otherwise empty capture point.
  6. +1 Remove jets and encourage heli combat. Maybe also remove AA vehicles if helis are being pushed and encourage use of statics(and give recon/viper ATs access to expensive AA launchers). I think statics would be more useful on Malden though. While I love Tanoa, I think Malden just works better for what Strife is.
  7. BS OPFOR jets are OP AF. Plus they give OPFOR the Tirgis as well.
  8. Making them more expensive doesn't change anything. They just unbalance the game. I spend time clearing out a point that is being hacked and then I start to restore and a jet comes by with one spray and that work is worthless. It doesn't matter the point, you will die. Edit: I think the issue is that there is no real counter to jets that is as convenient as jets are to buy and operate. I think many players experiences are being ruined by jets and people will get tired of them pretty quick. I think if jets were removed you might see a population drop of a few players but those who enjoy infantry would be attracted in greater number and less players annoyed away.
  9. Which server?
  10. Allow JSRS on Strife?
  11. Easy change and I agree.
  12. Here are some mild changes to our current Kavala square that could give it a breath of fresh air and make it feel more open. Different fence type and different street lights. Those street lights emit a white light versus the yellow that the current lights emit. Looks better IMO. Vehicle garage is relocated to the side of the square to open it up some on the North side. Road barriers have been pushed back to allow parking while shopping. A small gap was added between the new pipe fencing and the new stone wall to allow for better access for foot traffic. Got rid of the industrial shed and replaced with some nice shade for when you want to play some ball with the boys. Karaoke is now outside with its own stage(#BringBackAllStar).
  13. I can try to whip something up.
  14. Pure aids. 10 second intro for something not that amusing.