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  1. Lol I haven't logged in for weeks who's Chris
  2. Ign: Cassettes Age: 25 Hours: https://imgur.com/h3srswy How active will you be: 2-6 per day more on weekends Previous Gangs: One New Enemy, Vyper, WGS, SS Any members that can vouch: Roice, Winchester, Penguin. Haven't played in awhile but getting back into it.
  3. It's to portray a larger cop force than we actually have, if you kill a cop there's usually a manhunt for you, so it's similar concept. Cop after cop comes after you unless you leave the location, don't see why you need to stay after killing the cops. Here's an idea; kill and move on.
  4. No thanks, Aussie map sucked and had horrible FPS, no new concept in it, just a different worse map with less stability.
  5. There's already a system in place similar to this, however the % isn't as high as you suggest; which is a good thing as it would make doing big runs useless, this would make it easier for you to get robbed and cops to bust you. All I can see is this would do is make people drive more and be more frustrated.
  6. ^This I mostly drop my gear if it's proper RP but if it's the same group of guys that are always doing it day after day it's not fun anymore.
  7. I don't want it, I'm just trying to help you realize the changes that happened and not to expect the same as before the change. Ya dig? GL
  8. These drug locations move often so it's kind of discouraging blowing half a mil on a house that will only be relevant less than 50% of the time
  9. This seems like a thread that will be filled with racism
  10. Cassettes


    It's only 3 days, a bit dramatic don't you think?
  11. Cassettes

    Gun Running S2

    You should list some information like price per gun etc
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