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  1. I'm sad they didn't have the brrrt in the video as the jet flew by
  2. Max speed of 146 though on a flat surface And currently can't be lifted even by a huron
  3. I don't think it requires any purchases at the moment...I just went in the dev branch and there it is Also the fact that you can't see through the windows to the inside is a +1 from me And it holds 12 people including the driver
  4. https://i.gyazo.com/e6f3a57e35a664fec8e96931d3339853.mp4
  5. So this is what you guys were doing after the briefing
  6. 7.62 shreds through cars like butter. I think he probably just had to shoot in your general direction...
  7. The ear rape was uncalled for
  8. This kind of thing happens more often than one would think
  9. I think someone owes Sprite some money for his hummingbird
  10. "Do you know where to buy a suicide vest?" *boom* https://gyazo.com/5025174cb9c5e9c6eb24a4aca9603c95
  11. How that box truck didn't blow up is nothing short of a miracle
  12. Now rebels are putting ieds in the dock area
  13. What a hearty welcome
  14. Here are some screenshots I took http://imgur.com/a/h2oz4 The problem is that at night, it looks like this http://imgur.com/a/2p6KU Literally pitch black right now
  15. As far as guard duty goes, as it is right now, it's pointless. Because there's not enough people doing a prison break to merit it. And if the bigger groups DID start doing prison breaks, the spawn inside of the prison would be camped. Maybe they thought the rebel tower defense game was too strong and decided to put cops on the inside. I don't like the way the prison is right now either. It's hard to find a prison system that works for everyone. MY favorite was pyrgos. Just as long as the prison is fun is all I care about, and it's not right now.