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  1. you need to talk to steve for that one man @Farmer Steve
  2. why the shit talk bout FarmersVille?
  3. Yea homie fuck da coops brutha
  4. Homie this man would not value his life so i kept role play with him for a long long time
  5. Kid you reported me after i kidnap you talk about salty
  6. Idk if this is just me put have you guys been getting robo copped recently like alot. Like i will kidnap a cop and then when i try to turn my self in and after a good rp story they straight up give me like a 10% reduced ticked man its fucked up.
  7. @Clint Beastwood @Gen. Henry Arnold Why they not allowed?
  8. FarmersVille woah watch out for you guys
  9. Ign: Marcel Age: 17 Hours: https://gyazo.com/82f1e214c22f1067e234e1058108b4ef How active will you be: very active, every day Previous Gangs: Awaken DarkHorse Exotic Any members that can vouch: Twix
  10. Marcels

    Encore V2

    In-game name: Marcel What age are you: 17 Arma 3 hours ( provide a screenshot): https://gyazo.com/82f1e214c22f1067e234e1058108b4ef Why do you want to join encore: I was in Awaken and we would fight you guys at cartels and you guys did not back down and you seem like an active gang and I here to help fight cartels and anything else you guys need! Why should we accept you:B/c i am a good shoot always active, Loyalty all the way. I do not gang hop Awaken is just going down! What other gangs have you been in: Ae, Dark Horse, Exotic, Awaken Vouch: Twix
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