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  1. game is terrible don't waste your time
  2. nice tree to hang yourself from mitch
  3. gnashes needs to be fed
  4. Hello M'lady may you do one of these text gif's for my good pal Widsyy. I have included the information which he wants below, thank you m'lady. *tips fedora* Name/words wanted on the GIF: Widsyy GIF(You can send me one or I can find one for you): Leprechaun Font (If you do not know I will pick one for you): idk Different Size:(Y/N): idk Anything else?: no
  5. fucking garbage player
  6. Pay for decent skins not some dogshit 1 colour skin that takes 5seconds to make.
  7. fuck hometrlx play with me and flyn
  8. Let @Azeh develop some ingame anime t-shirts should bring back gang life
  9. ur poor
  10. montage 21
  11. -1 Kavala needs to be more cancer.
  12. good meme
  13. He used to make peoples heads spin.