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  1. Looks fucking garbage
  2. is that you in your profile picture?? ^_^

    message me back for sex!

  3. Hello M'lady *tips fedora* May I introduce you to my good friend @Azeh, he's a fellow weeaboo, and a loyal white knight. He's looking for a real life waifu to replace his body pillow. You two will make good acquaintances. *dabs*
  4. fuckboi
  5. Be quiet Patrick.
  6. I think he's mentally ill.
  7. So that's where all the crate money has gone too..
  8. I can't wait to use these perks and discounts on these stable servers!
  9. kys
  10. looks fucking awful
  11. @Azeh for Dev
  12. can i have ur autograph plz
  13. how to erp
  14. Yeah, I'm digging the new subraces.