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  1. Why isn't Flynnstone on this list, he would get the number 1 spot no problem.
  2. WoW Classic & Warcraft 3 Reforged 1 year wait tho
  3. identity devs coming through
  4. m'lady
  5. Gang life is more dead than Clint's sex life.
  6. ? It is gmod
  7. u wot m8
  8. Yeah Irish get a job you potato picker.
  9. holy fuck this montage is garbage, what went through your head to upload this.
  10. I think you're the mentally retarded one. You've failed to kill yourself more than once. How pathetic can you get, lmao.
  11. I would be suicidal too if I made them beats. Next time he should pull the trigger.
  12. Mcdonalds still pays more than your terrible beats.
  13. go back to making shitty beats on your garbage ass soundcloud