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  1. can i have ur autograph plz
  2. how to erp
  3. Yeah, I'm digging the new subraces.
  4. fuck the new expansion all about classic.
  5. If you haven't seen any of these from last season are worth the watch imo, 'Kakegurui' / 'Made In Abyss', also 'Kaiji' if you haven't seen that yet.
  6. 90% of anime on his list are trash.
  7. kys weeb!!!

  8. Pubg is garbage, just fun garbage.
  9. I want to drink bleach after watching a minute of that shit.
  10. Azeh 1m Needs to buy his nan a new glass eye
  11. I think we need rotating anti-clockwise drug locations to bring the player base back.
  12. You can buy a maid from the store for 12$, Transaction or a storage maid.
  13. https://oddshot.tv/s/yz0D4m
  14. Need burger andy to win for the memes.