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  1. I still have no idea who you are? I've been away from the game far too long to care.
  2. Who the fuck are you? Last time I remember your name you were an ass kissing mod. I'm not at all surprised that you are swaddling Peters dick with your mouth. You are the fat 30 year old depressed fuck living in front of your computer running a high school role playing community and you call me a sad piece of shit? I never in my 2 plus years on the Olympus staff have worked with a compulsive lying piece of trash like yourself. Don't forget who spoon fed your faggot bitch ass. You are a miserable fat fuck. Please seek help. https://www.slimgenics.com/
  3. Lol, I think I hit a nerve. Go pound sand you irrelevant piece of shit. The admins here don't decide to ban/perm someone if they so happen to get shit on for being lazy because they aren't soft little bitches that pretend to swing around a big dick only because they have some fake ass title in front of their name.
  4. I guess that makes more sense. Not sure why that would be a community goal. I feel like it's one of those things that just makes it a nuisance more than it helps out the server. (personal opinion)
  5. Unless Peter leaves it's not happening haha.
  6. Why were EMT items taken out of police HQ's? If rebels can gain access to EMT items in a Rebel Outpost then cops should be able to buy the same medical supplies in their HQ's. I haven't played in a few days and I'm going to assume there were no updates regarding the return of medical supplies to cop shops.
  7. Olympus will soon be on the decline also. Peter Long bought the server and he may be one of the most corrupt/dumbest staff members that I worked with while I was admin in that community. That said, the game is older and doesn't draw the player base that it used to. Enjoy it while you still can because Altis Life is a dying game mode. Maybe the staff can keep the servers alive for another year or two but i don't see the servers thriving like they did in the past.
  8. I was an admin on Olympus for a good while and the "civ rep" looked good on paper but nothing productive came out of the meetings. Most of the time the gang rep only thought one sided and their ideas/suggestions were shot down week after week. Having one representative to be the voice of multiple people never works out because everyone has a different idea of how to bring "balance" to the community. One side is always going to be unhappy no matter the change.
  9. Tman15tmb


    Name is Tman15tmb. I'm getting back into Altis life after taking a little break. I was a long time admin on Olympus for a little over two years before I was removed do to inactivity. During that time I went to school to study EMS. I decided to join Asylum after being kicked out of Olympus for stupid reasons. So far I like what Asylum has to offer. Hope to see some of you guys in game!
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