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  1. If someone mispronounces my name i.e jock j-ock, JD etc does that count as valid initiation. The reason I ask is because people often mispronounce my name and sometimes it's hard to tell if they are talking to me or someone else in the area who happens to have a similar name. Also on the flip side if someone yells "<name that sounds really close to mine> hands up or die" does that mean i can shoot them
  2. Age

    -1 from what I have seen on the servers 14 is too young for cop (sure there will some exceptions but that are just that...exceptions)
  3. Gratz all!
  4. Age: 24 Hours on ArmA3: 1.6k Flying experience (Fixed Wing) I have flown a bit in the editor but could use improvement Why do you want to join: I love flying What skills can you bring to us: Dedication and good rp
  5. instead of posting about it either report it or just ignore it, simple
  6. I have to admit that one made me laugh harder than it should of
  7. Give this man a cookie for understanding how development works!
  8. Guidelines are not rules
  9. Whats wrong with it
  10. *Sets up a justice wagon on ayers rock*
  11. I agree but also think that texting to initiate should go with it. Nothing like being in the middle of nowhere just driving around and get a text "get out of the car, hands up or die" with no way of telling where the person is.
  12. Cheers! I'm going to give it a try now
  13. Do you have to use a special kind of gun for hunting or will any gun work?
  14. Everyone who spends their free time to help keep this community running smoothly. Much love <3
  15. "Constable, go set up the cones" "Sir, I am the cones."