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  1. Jc dock


    -1 from what I have seen on the servers 14 is too young for cop (sure there will some exceptions but that are just that...exceptions)
  2. Age: 24 Hours on ArmA3: 1.6k Flying experience (Fixed Wing) I have flown a bit in the editor but could use improvement Why do you want to join: I love flying What skills can you bring to us: Dedication and good rp
  3. instead of posting about it either report it or just ignore it, simple
  4. • Application • In-game name: Jc Time spent on Asylum: Unsure but 1.6k in Arma 3 Previous admin action: Bamf thought I was hacking but he unbanned me because I wasn't Why do you want to join us: I have seen a few of your members around on 6 and they all seem pretty chill which is what I'm looking for, About you (previous gangs/timezone/age): Raiding inc.
  5. I have to admit that one made me laugh harder than it should of
  6. Give this man a cookie for understanding how development works!
  7. *Sets up a justice wagon on ayers rock*
  8. I agree but also think that texting to initiate should go with it. Nothing like being in the middle of nowhere just driving around and get a text "get out of the car, hands up or die" with no way of telling where the person is.
  9. 1. In game name Jc 2. Age 24 3. Hours Played(With Screenshot) 1477 https://gyazo.com/c6628fc481b8ab5092cf12397a82cb7b 4. Time Zone GMT+13/12 out of daylight time 5. Availability most mights and pretty much all weekend 6. Bank Account Balance 100k but I just brought a house so its a bit low 7. Cop Rank/Precinct Constable 8. Cartel/Bank Experience I have done a few cartels, bank i have done quiet a few banks as cop so i have a reasonable idea of the tactics that might be involved 9. Why do you want to become a Berry, and what do you bring to the table? I have seen you guys around a bit and you guys seem pretty cool, While I might not be as experienced in cartel and bank i am a fast learner, I am also very loyal and dedicated 10. How did you hear about Team Berry, and were you referred by anyone? I've seen you guys around and no 11. Previous Gangs Raiders
  10. Cheers! I'm going to give it a try now
  11. Do you have to use a special kind of gun for hunting or will any gun work?
  12. Everyone who spends their free time to help keep this community running smoothly. Much love <3
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