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  1. It's ok Kevin no one you play with could lay a finger on @massi but gl with that
  2. Honestly the drone is so fucking op. Used to set mine up above fed and turn on the thermals. Super easy to just leave the little screen on your hud and check it from time to time for movement.
  3. Yeah Conor McGregor is one of the most obvious cheaters over there (banned from Asylum for pulldowns) and still plays over there still running his mouth about how good he is when he cheats to win.
  4. They do ban people for Hacks over there and sometimes they take our bans and use them (happened to Gravity), but like you said so many of the most obvious cheaters/scumbags are over there.
  5. Yeah lmao the Black NVGs give it away instantly, the only way to get those are to kidnap a cop and 99% of the time people don't ask for the NVGs they just want the gun vest and clothes.
  6. "I can't hear you everyone is talking in the radio and i have to keep it on just in case the HQ comes under attack" Not once in my entire time on the APD have i had that issue, the easiest fix is to mute your damn comms and if the HQ is under attack the others need to call it out in group chat and 99% of the time the HQ doesn't even get attacked...
  7. Can confirm laser or not cop MK1s are lethal only for anyone below the rank of SGT that includes civs.
  8. Yeah this is fake @Smee it's from American Vandal season 2.
  9. Only problem (for me) is that Destiny 2 is so stupidly grindy i would get to level 50 and never want to play it again.
  10. @tongobongo you can also check out @Mayhem's Nothing to everything series where he goes over some of the best ways to make money as a new player and then as you make money how to do better and better methods (don't hurt me Mayhem)
  11. MGK probably only did it as a publicity stunt Em even covers that in the diss with "I had to build you a career before i can destroy it" and also "As long as im still Shady you are living in my shadow"
  12. fixed it for ya @Tyler <--- Ty whoever got the non DCMA'd link
  13. Btw you did it wrong... that's the star of David...
  14. https://www.twitch.tv/hurricane_florence_nc