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  1. It's ok Akeelagi probably for not much longer *cough* didn't hear it from me LOL.
  2. @BlackBlade -1 Putting kills against Onyx in a montage is a joke. They couldn't kill a kavala pistol banger even if they had a full ifrit. Other than that nice man
  3. Paratus acts like letting us know whats to come is the same as giving us all his banking info. And to top it all off he hardly does anything for Asylum anymore. I say enjoy Asylum as long as you can i bet it doesn't make it past 2018 with the way it's going now.
  4. Too bad he has more balls walking into a flaming building than you ever will, the closest you will ever get to anything flaming is when you look at yourself in the mirror. (No forum points pls)
  5. I mean its not a Katiba but i collated 2 guys thru the back window of an Ifrit at 300-400 meters with an MXM? I mean its not impossible ifrit windows are easy to shoot thru as long as you dont shoot the front one, or if you do you shoot it at an angle. https://gyazo.com/e266e9c65b403eeec87c514e720c9be8 (proof)
  6. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124802 un-true is un-true. Many other servers have the same issue. Bohemia has already accepted the fact that it is their fault i do believe too. https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00204 2nd paragraph. I can say right now pretty confidently the only ones who can fix mass kicks as far as we know is Bohemia. To be honest for a while there i think it was Asylums fault, but now they just simply happen. They aren't centered around patches or hot fixes. So it can't really be Asylums fault anymore. When so many other servers have the same issues and the common number here seems to be 90-100 players i guess the netcode can't keep up.
  7. Lol i remember when you first posted these ahh those were the golden days. Haha poor @Zoex though lolol.
  8. Bro anyone wanna buy a Trigger crank? I got it with my AR15 and it blocks the trigger more than anything this is what it looks like.
  9. God old school you just used to have to send a text saying you're dead or something like than and then shoot them as soon as you sent it right @HapHazard?
  10. I know it's already been said but i can't stress new ram enough. If you get 16GB of DDR4 you won't have to upgrade ram for a very long time. Also if you are looking to replace any HDDs Western Digital Black is a really great HDD for a good price and you still get really great speeds. I think a 2TB is like $70? And finally you are probably going to need some cooling if you get a new GPU and CPU and if you are like me and can't be bothered to set up water cooling and have a full tower you can get a Noctua NDH 15 air cooler that is super quiet but keeps everything pretty damn cool. Heres a SS of my current idle temps on Noctua air cooling... https://gyazo.com/30d85d9b8c31b7a9ac13be8bf8dd796e i've had temps as cold as 16C while just chilling out and watching a movie or something.
  11. Or you can always just yell "Hands up or die" on spawn island after restart and for 5 minutes run around kavala shooting everyone because they don't have their hands up.
  12. I always use http://www.purplemath.com/modules/rtnldefs2.htm worked for me so far in college... doesn't help when you get to the test and don't know shit tho.
  13. They already tried a modded server and it fell apart. The main issue being when the mods would have any sort of update they had to take down the server update the mods and relaunch the server and then all the players had to download sometimes multiple gigabytes of data just to hop on the server again. They concluded it was too much of a hassle and there wasn't enough of a player base to keep the server going.
  14. Idk

    I promise the uh, explosion at the end wasn't intentional... totally did not take advantage of the opportunity to blow up the entire APD... i promise