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  1. Feels nice to hear them say "Wow i wish i had that much money" etc afterwards before i buy a new gun and go back and kill all of them.
  2. Still not as good as @CwilliamY
  3. I pay 200k+ tickets sometimes especially when the cops are being douchebags.
  4. My left ear really enjoyed this video.
  5. Go play wasteland.
  6. #BringBackOldPrison
  7. Or just do a prison break... i mean you are in a gang so should be easy enough.
  8. As true as that statement may be somehow he always find him self hitting the ground at extraordinary speeds for a "landing" usually resulting in flames and carnage.
  9. This whole argument is stupid the SPAR16 and 17 are illegal and will remain illegal until they tell us otherwise. No amount of bitching, arguing, or complaining is going to change that. The SPAR 16 is super fucking cheap anyways buy the damn thing BH with it and if the cops stop you be chill hand it over and go buy another one who cares still cheaper than an MX if they decide to charge you.
  10. Lmao the best part was the Fuck you @Lucky at the end hahaha
  11. LMAO there HAS to be a rock that they hit... there's no other way... then again... it's Bohemia...
  12. @Clint Beastwood You are probably enjoying yourself but this is the same kid who is in Xehon's gang... it's not worth arguing with people with an IQ low enough to be classified legally as mentally retarded.
  13. So funny too any time anyone else fucked up or Sweggington got rekt he would scream and cry non-stop but the second he fucks up everyone needs to chill out lolol.
  14. Lmao report this kid obv to young to be streaming.