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  1. Ive seen people do it its not that hard considering a lot of the time people crash into the walls lol
  2. Lol kid is trying to show off... @<Jake>
  3. Thanks to @Acomptis for being a really great sport!!!
  4. Maybe with the new line of CPUs you might, GFX card isn't super important for Arma 3 but idek you try it and let us know LOL
  5. You mean when it actually works and doesn't bug out right? Which it does like 90% of the time i've tried to do a prison.
  6. More incentive for rebels to fight cops or eachother. Add a new activity or bring back like Pyrgos prison or like some like weapons storage thing idk that the cops have to defend. And then maybe new reasons to fight cartels. Better payouts? More ppl fighting them = more money to take out after you win? Idk idk
  7. I was just saying that because he was on Teamspeak at the time.
  8. Corporal Meow on P3 speaks fluent Russian @Meow Meow
  9. What part of LIGHT RP doesn't register... i tell you hands up or die and i shoot you if you dont listen, i'm not trying to stop at a stupid red light. If i wanna drive for realism i can drive irl.
  10. I only got it on a server i have Admin on like Zeus and Admin Console all that.
  11. I just got it on the Training Server, i think it's just because you're an Admin or something.
  12. Have zipties and weapon out and you're good to go pal.
  13. depends on the rank of the officer... like a cadet or constable you should probably just kill them unless you wanna go for the uniforms. But SGT+ can be worth a good bit especially if they are in a good mood. Usually you can get many people pardoned or some cop gear out of it. I've seen some Captains get kidnapped and let them use one of their Ghost Hawks for a night among other interesting things. All depends on who it is and how much they value their own time and experience some people enjoy the kidnap rp some don't.
  14. thats why he said negative 1080p is was a joke at how bad quality it was dummy