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  1. I mean i understand the reason people want to use linux... i ran several Linux boxes when i ran my own servers back in the day but still i only know one or two guys who even play on a linux machine.
  2. I'm sorry but there's just no reason to... most people who play games use Windows or Mac obv windows being like 90% of the gaming population. Linux though is just so different and really not worth it imo. Not enough people use linux to justify a new server just for linux users.
  3. to be honest man thats when you just need to start recording and submitting reports. I personally don't just tap sirens and instantly down people most of the time i try and talk to people even if i hit sirens as long as they aren't actively fleeing or shooting but like i said if people are doing this then there needs to be reports to get rid of those people.
  4. Like Sliick has stated if a cop turns on his sirens and you point a gun at them, run, or try to do much of anything but talk or put your hands up you're probably going to get downed especially if you have a gun/are in an illegal area. As unfortunate as it may turn out for the civs (especially newer players) trying to make some quick cash the siren system is a really invaluable asset for the cops to have, and just be mindful in the future any uniformed cop (meaning anyone but an undercover corporal+ who look look just like civilians most of the time) has to siren or initiate no matter where they are unless already initiated upon.
  5. Welcome back if you need help making money you should refer to some of @Mayhem's videos you can find them here: http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page Click on any of the guides and it will have a text based guide as well as a video (there are a some that are text only but still great guides)!
  6. It also shows better debris when shooting buildings, rocks, the ground, etc. And also rounds overall have better visibility in flight so you can see if you are hitting near someone at over 500+ meters away instead of just a tiny puff of dirt if you're lucky.
  7. DaVinci resolve is good and if you look hard enough you can find a version or two of Sony Vegas. I don't have the link but if you google this you may find it...
  8. VACNet is only for VAC secured games... so CSGO, MW2, Garrys Mod, TF2, etc... Arma uses Battleye for bans not VAC. Edit: so no he's not banned from Arma it would be a game ban instead of a VAC ban he was probably banned off of any of these games... https://store.steampowered.com/search/?category2=8
  9. "When you let Gaskal and his friends loose"
  10. Führer*
  11. Congrats man!
  12. Or they can just make it the way it used to be and "seatbelts" were automatically on when you entered a vehicle...
  13. You may be able to find a gang recruiting new players, or once you get your civ talents you can try and join the APD, or just hop in the teamspeak and hang out we all love to play with new people!
  14. I have max saturation takes a little getting used to but when every one looks like donald trump in bright blue cop uniforms its pretty easy to see them. Edit: It's saturation not contrast my bad!