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  1. I'm just going to call out the elephant in the room here... everyone is thinking it but Durga... you were part of the problem for the better part of 2 years. People refused to play when they saw you on. I myself remember several instances where I refused to get on the server after seeing you online especially during the Tanoa days. I've seen you remove people from their rank on cop for literally petty minor not even rule breaking shit. Now i haven't played with you, or even played while you were online in probably around a year now but everyone from that time period remembers how notorious you were. Now to cover the post it's self I personally play a lot with one of the captains i feel like this post may be directed towards. Being completely honest here... have i seen some major fucked up shit happen to people? Hell yeah i have. Have i also seen players with a 100k bounty and over a quarter million dollars in drugs get pardoned and sent on their way drugs and all? Sure as hell have. I think one of the major things this post doesn't cover is the good things Captains do for the community and how rare it really is when the major stuff pops off (with this specific captain in particular). I've seen a Captain organize fights where the rebels get to pick a spot and for over an hour it's non-stop combat in a 20v20 battle. I've seen Captains purposefully blow up orcas, and i've seen them let people drive off with their ifrits because they made the encounter fun and entertaining. Maybe there could be a few rules in place to stop some of the really awful abuse that can and occasionally does happen, but for the most part i feel like it may just be a select individual or two who are causing the problem.
  2. i shall start the bidding at $1 and a donut.
  3. Says the guy who talks all the shit in the world and then gets killed by "that shitter cop that has no fingers" you know everyone laughs at how retarded you are right? Just figured i'd let you know.
  4. To be honest i think this is an awful idea. Buy an MK1 and kill people with it who cares about legal money making it's all shit anyways.
  5. "Envy" did you join before the recruiting opened up to any kavala rat or after?
  6. Guys leave the man alone he's like 12 in a shit gang it's not like he's ever going to get any GOOD kills so he has to work with what he's got.
  7. People actually still use Dark Comet? That RAT has been around forever.
  8. Who da fuck gave this German boi Support? Poland invading ass.
  9. There was already a change a long time ago where it stops them from flying straight up and that seems to work but you can still go flying any other direction.
  10. Like i said i was never trying to say Luke was untrustworthy just everyone knows how easy it is to get fucked over what seems to be a perfectly benign and simple program. Now that Survivalizer has taken a look at it I would have no trouble using it myself and recommending it to others. I'm sure everyone appreciates the work guys.
  11. Not trying to say Luke is untrustworthy but you should probably have an Admin+ who knows java go through the source code first before you start advertising a 3rd party program on the wiki
  12. Gonna be sick just because the Emperors laugh at the end.
  13. Damn look at all these vultures moving in for your spot Roice better watch out lol.
  14. No i @'ed Jake but he keeps changing it like a bitch.
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