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  1. nv? Whats that? Lolol
  2. Lol Erron... is this all you do just troll streamers? xD
  3. Shit you should see when Anarchy is on civ xD we just get pissed off at stupid cops and kidnap them and send them out in a boat for 10 minutes haha
  4. Lol i was going to make another Top Gun pun but decided not to... nice shit Gnashes those last two guys had me facepalming so bad hahaha
  5. *cough* submit an IA report if it was on purpose *cough*
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/QuaintLitigiousSandpiperBrainSlug
  7. If these guys can do this i doubt google really cares... http://elgoog.im/
  8. If only you were around long enough to see the masses blacklisted who all SWORE that they were "mature" enough to be on the APD. As of right now i only know of a very select few people who were grandfathered in and are still cops.
  9. No one wants to play with you thats the problem... jk i play D3 Overwatch (really new to it) PUBG and OSRS (a lot of the higherups play should chill with us when we are on sometime).
  10. o lord
  11. lol damn was sick but if only didnt land on the guy haha
  12. (Edit: Had to repost because i'm a dumbass and posted in STRIFE section)
  14. Well that's an easy way to get wiped at a cartel FeelsBadMan