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  1. I mean tbh ive never had that gripe with Warrant, i think the whole Y inv is awesome and maybe do like if you catch your warrant you get a % increase on the bounty or prestige you would normally get so like 5% for normal warrant 7.5% for next talent 10% etc up to Master Warrant Tracker maxed at like 15% or something idk.
  2. Why not just hit ESC and Respawn? You don't HAVE to soft log...
  3. Lul rainbow six what a trash game
  4. Tarkov is fun but god its so repetitive wish it had more stuff to do and i would play it again.
  5. He proved it just by uploading this video! Lmao funny as fuck but oh god once Gnashes sees this rip Metagaming ban.
  6. You went too far away form Kavala gotta turn back.
  7. Not like you are ever going to be able to see it anyways...
  8. We had this in chemistry
  9. My old spanish teacher used to love this...
  10. Who cares to be honest a rook is like 2k. Do what I did take the price of their gun and any other gear and cut it off from their ticket. Usually if i had a rebel i caught who had a 20k bounty and an Mk i'd probably only make them pay the 2500 charge for the gun since they already lose 10-15k from buying the gun anyways.
  11. 5 targets per second and looks like default everything else
  12. You mean the ones sitting in a bush and the guy is shit looking the opposite direction? yeah sure. The fact he uses a Katiba and a Spar 17 speaks volumes.
  13. It looks terrible tbh glad i didn't buy this game.
  14. who me? no never. I'm a bot remember? lmao
  15. Them pulldowns will tank your fps bro im telling you lmao