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  1. "Now there are forms of depression that are not caused by genes and that's an entirely different conversation."
  2. I personally have had a really great friend kill himself over being scared of his father after he got arrested at school because some bullies put merchandise in his backpack at the aquarium on a field trip and the cops thought he was trying to steal it. I had another really good friend kill herself because her parents couldn't provide for her and her siblings so she resorted to prostitution at 13-14 to feed her and her siblings until she couldn't take it anymore. I know exactly how depression can affect someone after personally suffering from it myself. And like i said i was playing devils advocate i personally feel like depression is something that should be tackled head on and the stigma should be removed form wanting to seek help. Every bit of my argument from past posts have been based on scientific research and was provided simply as a counterpoint to support what @Steve was saying simply because it is one of those really hard to swallow pills many people try to gloss over in a conversation of this subject matter. I'm not some callous "edgelord" who says "Oh good riddance" or something when someone commits suicide. In all honesty i personally feel like it is a problem that should be fixed, but was just trying to provide a valid and scientific argument and try to validate a couple things that were being argued. At the end of the day though it's a conversation, you don't have to try and attack people in a discussion it just proves that you actually have no idea what you are trying to argue and that you are just pulling shit out of your ass. Natural Selection: a natural process that results in the survival and reproductive success of individuals or groups best adjusted to their environment and that leads to the perpetuation of genetic qualities best suited to that particular environment. ie: People who suffer from a hereditary disease (which is passed from parent to child in the genes) and end up dying and not reproducing see definition above.
  3. Depression is likely hereditary as well... Natural Selection is essentially certain genes being phased out of the gene pool via death and failure to reproduce. As much as i know "Natural Selection" is considered a negative thing it's actually positive. In this day in age Natural Selection is very rare because everyone is given a chance to live. People who commit suicide as awful as it is are essentially providing a very grim version of Natural Selection. Just putting it out there that just because something is treatable with modern medicine doesn't mean it's positive or negative in the grand scope of the human race to leave it alone or treat it. If we were to allow all the people who were born with the AIDS virus to die out without any chance for them to pass it along guess what major virus would eventually die out as well. Now there are forms of depression that are not caused by genes and that's an entirely different conversation. Sorry for the paragraph figured i'd play a bit of devil's advocate and provide a scientific argument.
  4. To be honest it is. If you are stupid enough to use a permanent solution for a temporary problem then yes it's natural selection.
  5. Yeah blake is an awful pilot...
  6. Well here's your chance! For a bit extra you can get all of the SP of every Halo game with the MCC. So obv im going to start with Reach and play all the way through to Halo 4 and then probably main Halo 3 MP.
  7. Somehow missed you saying why reach first. It's because Reach takes place back before the Spartans were all killed off leaving MC as the last known survivor. And then Combat Evolved picks up right after that in the war with the Covenant.
  8. I unfortunately watched a bit of the video honestly not expecting it to be as graphic as it was. The pure hatred this man displayed as he not only unloaded several magazines into groups of scared and fleeing people but also going back and shooting people he thought could still be alive and hiding among the dead was truly horrifying. I'm not one to normally be affected by gore in videos on the internet but just the fact so many innocent people were killed was absolutely sickening.
  9. Tyler

    Need a New PC

    Thats basically the exact build i got. Arma is Arma but it runs well on a i9 9900k and 2080.
  10. Don't you dare ever speak of Halo like that again... unless it's Halo 4 or 5 then fine. But tbh it's EXTREMELY hard for them to fuck up the first 4-5 games. Honestly for Halo 1-3 all they need to do is make the graphics look nice. 3 ODST a combat revamp to more match the previous game would be better. Reach was really great on release but got kinda stale even though forge was amazing but im sure will be awesome on pc. For Halo 4 idk maybe make the Multiplayer a little less... slow? I mean the whole armor at certain levels was cool but i much more preferred the way Halo 3 had progression with the achievements makes you feel like you are actually doing something instead of "oh fuck i need to win 100 more matches to level up and get my next piece of armor". Tbh tho i feel like as long as they dont fuck this up they could make a shit ton of money and if they slowly add cosmetic items / patches over time they stand to fix their shitty reputation and maybe Halo Infinite wont flop. Sorry for the wall of text i used you to dump my thoughts on the subject as a whole.
  11. Or the Hyabusa armor in Halo 3... took me a good 200-300 hours of grinding to get it and not the pussy Hyabusa armor i went for the sword too... longest 1000 gamer score i ever got but the most worth it.
  12. Halo is coming to PC on Steam!!! The release order will be as follows, Halo: Reach, Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and finally Halo 4. 343 said that each release will be staggered to address any possible further development to each game to ensure that each game functions properly. If you want to read up more on the MCC here is an article explaining it all https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2019/03/12/halo-mcc-coming-to-pc/
  13. I mean i hope he isn't dude deserved every bit of it but knowing how much of a pussy country America is becoming nowadays i wouldn't be surprised if he were fired.
  14. Oh you're right hes on desk duty pending internal investigation (will probably be fired though).
  15. Unfortunately the cop was fired and charged with Misdemeanor Menacing.
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