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  1. I wanted the LIAN-LI tempered glass but they were on BO for like 2 weeks so i settled dope case though really nice with RGB fans
  2. Tyler

    V2 IS LIVE

    Shut up you literally spend 23 hours of the day getting bent over by your GF letting her whip you.
  3. yeah my Mobo won't do a full 5.0ghz boost clock unless i go in and actually manually OC it so 4.0 it is which isn't much more than the stock 3.6 but it gets the job done never had issues with lag or anything so never felt the need to degrade my CPU faster by bumping it up to 5ghz
  4. I know i've posted this before but yeah its dumb as fuck...
  5. My left ear really enjoyed this video.
  6. I mean also the admins can't always tell 100% even if they are there unless they themselves are RDM'ed simply because they don't know if you were called/texted prior or where you've been and who you've initiated on etc. That's why the standard go to is record and report. If you are having an issue with RDM the easiest way to avoid is it so never visit Kavala. I personally haven't been RDM'ed much at all outside of Kavala.
  7. and me (Jk not like me i only bought it to prove Mitch wrong)
  8. *Typical feminist socialist* SEE PRIME EXAMPLE AS TO WHY CAPITALISM IS BAD i propose we take Leroy Jenkins money and split it between all the kavala trolls and tax him at 98% for being a millionaire!
  9. i buy 24-26 mags on cop and rebel and use this all the time. You dont always have the luxury of RTB and refilling mags.
  10. No more crashing your dads porsche? Lmao but fr tho what did they try and get you for like what was the charges for?
  11. Was just talking about how we all used to play WoW back in the day had no clue you were in jail no wonder we haven't seen you around in forever.
  12. HK is really good but if you build an M4 like this one: You shred people it's stupid to have 38/105 on a gun that spits M995.
  13. You not using the Meta recoil M4 drives me up the wall lmao but good shit bro some of those clips are fire as fuck.
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