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  1. Bohemia has always hated life servers. They designed the game to be a mil-sim not for kids running around Kavala squeaking hands up or die before firing off their rook all over the place.
  2. lmao good luck.
  3. nah i don't
  4. Already at 1M cash now i just need to find some keys or buy them... Buying Factory Key, Security Key, Customs Key, Gas Station Key, or Marked Room Key hmu if you find extras ill buy them.
  5. Oh damn we used to play a fat kid map called 4 stories or something and it was a biug compound 4 floors tall and at the very top there were 2 really tight hall ways with the turrets lol.
  6. Blacklisted due to Corruption. oh wait this isn't George's app? fuck...
  7. Hey man hmu any time you wanna play something bro, i'll still shit on you in csgo
  8. Lol @Tyrese that first clip tho wtf... i don't think i've ever heard that sound before in Arma lmao.
  9. Neck
  10. I don't think i ever played that one.
  11. @Marzoh lmao this guy clipped killing you when you had an SDAR and the server was yellow chaining lolol
  12. Bro Griff ball, Plasma Pistol paintball, Trash Compactor, Ecstasy of Gold racing man the good ole days. Oh and flying Elephants around by glitching a hornet into it lmao.
  13. Sharing be like... Edit: wtf why was i thinking PantryPicker lmao
  14. I remember i probably have more hours on Valhalla alone than i do in all the Arma games combined. The Trash Compactor custom map too.