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  1. You keep responding, if pissing you off was my goal i'd say i succeeded pretty well huh?
  2. Lmao whatever you say, literally in their Town Square module trailer most of the assets in the trailer were pre-built assets already in the game engine but whatever you say shitwings you are always right and the world revolves around you lol. Plus at the end of the day i couldn't care less whether you even read what i say man, if you don't like what i write then ignore it who the fuck cares. I think you are just a fan boy who spent all of his money on Identity and doesn't want to hear that you were scammed. By the way people lie all the time Paratus has already proven he's quite capable of doing that i'm sure his "Dev Team" are too man.
  3. "From the ground up" you do know... Paratus 1st off is using a pre-built engine with pre-built assets right? Literally Paratus has had 4 years to make a couple buildings and code his game (which he has failed to do on time many times now as hes missed multiple deadlines). He also has been paying himself (and motown i hear) out of YOUR money that you put towards Identity while pushing back the release date and feeding you shit on a spoon as you lap it up. Shitwings i'm sorry to say but Identity is going to end up like all of these other kickstart indie games it will have it's niche and then die out. Enjoy your $100 house with a dog in your virtual piece of shit world lmao hope you enjoy it.
  4. Lol i feel bad for the people who paid for identity... they are never getting anything worth playing...
  5. I cc a Glock 19
  6. Too bad they are all people that are either playing in the clips with me or have been playing.
  7. You fuckers don't know what music is but in all seriousness this community praises montages with songs made by mumbling idiots. At least metal music requires talent instead of a lack of
  8. @ColtonB205 @DarkKnight @Kevin Miller @Xavorey @Volunteer281 @Akeelagi @Bunny @Brendon Smith @GreenDemon @Jake
  9. 2 times was the only one close enough to the bar gate to close it, the civ running around can't actually access the bar gate from there when it's up (i don't think).
  10. You do realize that at the end of the day Asylum is going to die not because the servers are bad or because money is too hard to make etc. It's because arma is an old and buggy game. I promise you there is very little the devs can do about revitalizing the server other than a few patches here and there and hope arma 4 comes out before Asylum is completely dead.
  11. That my friend would be abusing the SGT powers but it's not my fault if EVERYTHING he says is retarded now is it? lmao
  12. If only i were still a SGT and active, i would just give him a 50% increase every time he said something stupid.
  13. @Blake Suley i think he was trying to bait you, kid is a fucking retard and will do anything to try and get content for his shit channel.
  14. Aye time to brag about my acc? IGN: Tri ton Feel free to hmu for bossing etc and if you need a good PvP/PvM clan join Divinerulers and tell them Tri ton/Tyler sent you
  15. You tell them filthy career rebels "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE didn't use mumble rap, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE no cartel kills, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE cop kills" fucking autists.