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  1. Law student and i work for a charity that deals with kids with disabilities who can't be in a normal school
  2. Go onto the support page and under character/account put in there your new to the server and you want to be whitelisted to play http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/
  3. i mean you could make it legal and illegal process it into fuel rods for the power station for the legal part and for the illegal part turn it into uranium 238 which is what nukes are made from and sell it to jihadi dave or something 2 different processes for the same original item the illegal one worth more money or something
  4. MagicSpoon

    V2 feedback

    anyone tell me what the scotch nerf was?
  5. MagicSpoon

    V2 feedback

    I don't know if it's just me it happens too but after pulling out a car i can't use unlock it for like 30 seconds whereas in the current asylum it takes like 2 maybe 3 seconds before you can use you car
  6. I really really wanted this game to be good where do i start Got into making my char after an absurd amount of time took like 5 mins to design my char with the limited options there then i went to put in my name and miss typed it so pressed backspace to have everything reset, though fuck it just spam a name in and go Crashed... Refund request sent in. I know the game is alpha and what not but after 4 years you would assume that pressing backspace when making a mistake in your name wouldn't reset you whole char progress i think waffle said it best and thats sad
  7. MagicSpoon

    Destiny 2

    I have been thinking about getting destiny 2 for pc just wondering if anyone plays it
  8. i got the game and i can't put it down even the normal boring things off getting from place to place is made fun i would highly recommend the game
  9. @Mitch (IFRIT) @bamf @Poseidon is being able to buy PCP and resell it to get infamy supposed to be a thing or is it a bug?
  10. @Poseidon server 1 crashed for well over an hour tonight going on for 2 hours make it 3 hours
  11. ok to stop the exploiting when less officers than required online drugs are classed as impure when you make them so worth less and when the required offcers online called pure and worth the extra amount
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