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  1. I mean we wouldn't need admins if people could follow simple rules but hey ho here we are xD
  2. I though about barns where you could grow crops such as potato's and weed and what not could be you have to water them and give them fertilizer each restart or every hour or what not and you get potatoes you can sell to a gas station and weed can either come out unprocessed or processed like a home grown weed and it sells for less but you don't have to process it.
  3. 1st Legal option crafting things such as laptops or ipads to be sold for a lot off money for example to make a laptop you need to make a case screen and a processor and combine them makes a lot of money each but very time consuming 2nd legal option something simple like steel so you process iron into iron bars then take them to the steel mill where you process them again for more money (same price as maybe coke or crank) what about a skill system so for example you pick weed if you keep doing it you get better at it so say max of 15 levels for each activity each level can do d
  4. Problem is with removing skins people paid for it taking something they brought away It's like going to the supermarket buying a pack of gum and then on the way out they take 3/4ths off it. or like buying a skin for csgo and then it gets removed, its essentially stealing something people have paid for
  5. Yes there is no rule in place that would prevent you from doing so How else would you save your friends from being kidnaped in someone's house
  6. sounds a bit like he has a scrotum in his mouth trying to talk through it
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