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  1. and you think anime killed him? us fat neckbearded mf's couldnt kill a fly
  2. You quoted him twice, why not just edit your earlier post and call him out don't you think that it would've been easier for you to do that?
  3. Thanks for applying, but Jeep Guild isn't really a thing anymore mate. Sorry.
  4. He's just doing what weird kids normally do, since they've been cast out and looked down upon he's saying bad things for a negative reaction. It's sad really, why not just have some common decency instead of trying to make yourself more disliked than you already are.
  5. This is because he's probably planning to try something after being bullied by signal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. It's saddening, it's awful to hear about school shootings but at this point I feel it's just become a common part of our current society.
  7. yw, now hurry up and hang yourself no one will miss you
  8. i only give outs gls and uwus if i can have friend tag gl
  9. whose gonna bully justi with me now
  10. No he just thinks you're a mook trying to be a comedian
  11. They just don't want to be 3v6'd again
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