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  1. hello it said this is the place that sells some really good bread
  2. where have you been its not fun fighting on olympus without you
  3. [Monday 12:36]uc.: i eat pp
  4. The kid who got sacrificed threw me the fuck off, cause I didn't even realize that he was up there or that it was arms surrounding him
  5. not even god himself would side with you on this one
  6. @Erik @thero @Revenant @Space this mf stole our fighting strat
  7. It seems it's time for Moderator vedalkenn to make an appearance
  8. your the guy we were bullying for duping earlier
  9. look at all these mooks who voted no, especially that @Chow Mein guy
  10. 211k bounty it really does suck having 5 cops and jump the wall at the same time spraying
  11. In-game name: ved Timezone: mountain Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): more than enough Previous gang affiliations: below Why we should accept you: my fat absorbs bullets and uh i can do cool vape tricks Member who can vouch for you : maybe quenton and walt, and our time that we've spent together
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