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  1. Lmao too soon
  2. LMAO what a retard!!
  3. Ah yeah Give me your account scrub!
  4. Its all I play now.
  5. Think you guys started low... lol Kavala pleb starter here bby
  6. EFT
  7. lmao. i just downloaded a basic template and edited it.
  8. not sure who you are bud but thanks!
  9. my game settings? My render setting is poop
  10. All Natural babe!
  11. Aw you miss him @Dally
  12. Devin Dickens/Spiderman He always did the same intros back in ravenwood shit was hilarious.
  13. Montage Number 9 Last of the clips i am going to save and record Enjoy<3 SORRY FOR THE PIXELS!!!!!
  14. +1 Wasn't around during the golden age, Would be nice!