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  1. i think your best bet is a GTA server. look at what space turtles did. was pretty fun when i played on it but that was a while ago. gta since got more popular so a populated server could bring in some donations to pay for itself.
  2. Stellar Enterprise??? or what ever we named it.
  3. whoa dude your fucking insane.
  4. np, btw have you bought ya rope yet?
  5. maybe you are not worthy of unoriginal comebacks
  6. the only spaceturles i want to see is "strp" pre money rework.
  7. i wonder which leader gave you the "ok" to speak of the Great stellar in this manner. i demand you to pay 2 pounds in gold and silver by the dawn of the newest week.
  8. taki life, but they also got wiped so i doubt any of them would want to grind just to fight some poop gangs that are on lately. just waiting on ya modded server to come out. we will for-surely grind on that.
  9. just a lil, just been on taki life here and there. not been gaming lately
  10. As @BaDaBiNg_10-8 posted about a possible different map. can we get some info if anything is in the works. ihate being left in the dark, pretty sure most of us do too.
  11. last i heard he is actually in a wheelchair... skiing accident. the kid is retarded at that too.
  12. are you being racist? i feel like you are and im offended. @Mitch (IFRIT) get this retard off this thread. he is derailing it. throw some mod que points too. cant be having that racism in here.
  13. i dont condone to those actions my fellow gang mates did, i know most of you guys might not like Stellar but be FAIR in actions taken against US. i dont know how much money was made and who all did it but to wipe a account and make someone start over from scratch is terrible idea. imo just take the money they made from said exploit and slap a nice 1wk or 2wk ban. i really would like to play but the current Cop management staff is a bunch of retards. As a Lt you can literally steal a ifrit if you can get to it. Imo make to where cops have to lockpick the vehcile instead of just "scroll and hippityhoppty im driving away" .- ---- Parole was such a awesome feature. y remove you might ask. "ppl abusing it so its gone" like listen here you dumb bitch idgaf if ppl are abusing it, find them and punish them dont take a great feature away. now if the recruitment page can be unhidden. most of use still gonna play on asylum. if not thats fine.
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