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  1. Holy necro Batman.....
  2. No. You should focus on doing your job and reviving people but at the end of the day you are not above being kidnapped or killed like the regular civs on the island.
  3. Action Taken #Locked
  4. The Altis Government does not distance discriminate when assigning you fugitives for pickup. They are fugitives from the law, and as such are assigned to you for immediate capture and incarceration.
  5. For all the parents here. Because I know you haven't listened to it enough
  6. That pardon doh.....
  7. Cute. Keep him away from Wongs
  8. Once you die the hostile initiation is over. Now, bear in mind that if you shot at them you could still be red after respawn and might get shot at again due to the Red = Dead mantra. And technically no, storing your vehicle would not be combat storing as you are out of combat. HOWEVER You need to make damn sure they aren't trying to lockpick it or driving off with it. Because if they are and you do store it, then that would be a combat store and you could lose your vehicle if reported. Your best bet is to get your vehicle and drive away and store it in a different location.
  9. Rebel license costs $12,500. Your best bet starting out is to pick peaches for a bit, and earn enough to get a car and get out of the starting city. Then start doing cocaine. It makes good money and doesn't require much in the way of startup capital. From there you can try doing meth, it pays good but takes time to actually make as you have to collect the ingredients.
  10. Well you should know better by now @Erron White. lmfao
  11. No one wants to watch a 6 second montage.......
  12. Got you @bamf
  13. Damn straight. He blew up my mohawk the bastard