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  1. rope yourself u thick cunt
  2. nice signature retard
  3. the post were kettles say that all colabs of supreme northface and stuff are fuckboys i need it to say: stop hating on expensive clothes because you cant afford it you can wear supreme without being a fuckboy ya dumb fucking cunt, thinking everybody that wears supreme are little fuckboys just prove how little braincells you have in your tiny little head so just end it and go put your crocs on and watch your anime shit and stop being a faggot. Yours Truly Denied.
  4. had to set the local big man straight
  5. @Azeh we doing it or we doing it
  6. fair enough lad hit a quick bump again there bud
  7. why tf am i on that list
  8. Olympus tage on the upcoming ill keep the fans updated!
  9. asylum is 100% better just no gangs olympus is just gangs that fight 24/7 why most of cartel players on asylum switched
  10. thats generous lad
  11. too late mong server dead give up dreaming ty
  12. Big Announced, The secret is out. Trym dropped a mag in the ifrit like a true team player and i hacked the second mag in smh
  13. riot perm banned yas on my acc cause it wasnt fair for other people so cant
  14. Thanks fella's Appreciate the feedback
  15. and? why would i keep 3 bullets instead of a full mag?