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  1. lack on updates isnt a reason, its just that the majority of the population was gangs, and now no gangs play so population dropped
  2. u must be new here, that is one of the most fun places to fight on the map but a irrelevant mongol like u wouldn't know anything about that
  3. out of action with 9fps, we'd just get removed for playing constable efficiently anyway
  4. no point having money if theres no one to kill with it
  5. why u always asking dumb af questions man, just stop polluting the forums
  6. rewind to 2 years ago, other than that don't bother trying
  7. ur deaf why the fuck u tryna buy speakers mong @Sugarfoot
  8. play koth for a week
  9. hes been around alot longer than you mong ur in no position to call him irrelevant
  10. ill park my cop heli under bridge and siren m8
  11. You're a massive bot
  12. Your sirens? im the one with all the cop stuff
  13. gunna need a couple more hundred hours on that server fella