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  1. remind me of Caesar from planet of the apes
  2. stupid idea, go back to kavala bud
  3. you've never been to a cartel and this is the stupidest thing ive ever heard of fuck that
  4. rod died more times in this than ollies joined gangs
  5. u dont have fingers either tho so
  6. xd still dont know who u are, talking about people with fingers back in the day way b4 u thought u became relevant
  7. implement all the old players back on the server so i actually have some competition
  8. new civics are ugly af need to go back to the old ek9
  9. Young azehderp, i must say you're a smart young lad
  10. didn't notice u recorded them rolling up to the cartel xD
  11. https://gyazo.com/a9ec7bc8e719e9855f9feffcdd548054 Cant embed but you can still tell hes a bot
  12. lost your touch eh? whip out an orca to the square
  13. roger that, whip out your rook 9 and have at it m8