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  1. xD anytime
  2. calm down creatine boy
  3. rope
  4. imo asylum died when bb and synergy stopped playing
  5. Has to be hosted on private server or aint gunna work
  6. 10 Man Teams. BO3's maybe BO5 for final if teams want it. Og Arms. Church. House cap meth. Money and Ifrit and skin or pilot covs as reward. Should be hosted on private server too
  7. lets hit the stu bro
  8. @Shugie Boogie doesnt tag me what kind of dhm member doesnt fucking tag me
  9. Dont @ me @Tom
  10. didnt want a life story bud
  11. delete ur forum acc pls ty
  12. wish i could shoot a guy in the back and a freshie in a car