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  1. @Tman15tmb cya fuckin later buddy
  2. Bring back Ghost Hotel @Roice
  3. The only problem I see here is that the civilian made no attempt to hit the officer down below; that's the real tragedy here.
  4. @william Where do I see incoming friend requests? I am not seeing the request anywhere on the app.
  5. For anyone interested in Destiny 2, you can download it for free (and keep it forever) through the Battlenet app until November 18. It's the base game (lvl 20, light level cap of 300, Leviathan raid) so if you wanted to give it a shot, now is your chance. Maaqs#11745 if anyone is looking to play together.
  6. That's definitely the career cop statement of the year. Worthy of a little toxicity.
  7. delete account
  8. You wouldn't hear me complain about this, would +1 without a second thought.
  9. I'm not saying they're a "crutch" for the less-skilled people, but completely negating any sort of Armor / Heli for their price is just ridiculous. If Bamf doesn't nerf the damage, he should double the price.
  10. Even as a DS member, I'm getting tired of seeing RPGs at every cartel and turf because of their strength. Just nerf them already please.
  11. Increasing cost of loadouts will only make people even more tied to them than they already are. If a standard loadout (MK / CSAT + Tac Vest / Smokes / Y) suddenly goes up to 35k+ (just a random semi-high number), people will be all the saltier when they get killed / caught by cops and less inclined to re-kit back up. New players won't want to buy expensive loadouts thus hindering the growth of rebel activity on the servers.
  12. Confused why this seems to be a surprise for you No RPGs no win.
  13. it's all good! not like it makes a difference for DS. xd
  14. @Roice How did you go from this vv to have Daddy's Darlings facing the winner of Jeep Guild v Envy? Wouldn't you just remove Ambition, move Daddy's Darlings to semis to face the winner of APD v Oblivion since they're on the bottom half of the bracket?
  15. So simply because we spent 3 days playing with Bratva I need to like you? I was +1'ing your ban days before it finally happened bud.