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  1. All those members, and there's barely 8 fingers among them
  2. Even my montage was better than this and I'm in Drunk Squad
  3. Ever wondered what it's like to be in Drunk Squad?
  4. 2 straight evenings of a scripter hitting S2 killing everyone
  5. Hopefully a fix is coming soon as the Infamy screen could definitely use some work. But yes, as of right now, you can only see your infamy in side chat when you do something to earn it.
  6. I would agree; you can definitely get some "good Asylum sessions" in with minimal server issues, but they certainly still do exist from time to time. My past couple days of experience have been good, but the few before that were a bit yikes
  7. People just have a problem with the server freezing for 30-40mins at a time. It happened yesterday on 2 once while I was on (server pop went from ~70 to the teens by the time it caught up). Sure, there are less BE kicks, but it doesn't change the fact server performance is mediocre at best.
  8. Perhaps you could spend a few war points to learn how to quote someone on the forums.
  9. "Nobody's changed" because the servers are still in a terrible spot, and 6months isn't going to suddenly 180 people into not being toxic / upset at the lack of development over the past 6 months or change toxicity towards others in-game / on the forums. This is Asylum, where toxicity thrives. People stay because they want Asylum to be great, they want to see it survive, but the lack of content / development put people in a sour mood.
  10. 1 and 2.
  11. S3 is not running on the rebel talent tree patch.
  12. What we need is Ghost Hotel back for Drug.
  13. Any chance Black Market Production crafting can be looked at? Or at least the gun running part of it? Perhaps guns (since they're all illegal and require you to gather illegal ingredients + craft in an illegal area), ifrits, and 50s?