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  1. All you acting like you have some moral high ground when I've seen literally all of you do the same thing.
  2. That response defeats the intention of the rule in the first place, but what is common sense
  3. When that's actually RDM
  4. Continuing to affirm the notion that only children stream snipe
  5. If you want to talk to people... ...Go outside.
  6. Then you have a pussy of a CPU or need to change something in your BIOS, because that's ridiculous. lmao.
  7. This is not overheating.... Max temp for most CPUs is 105 C and wont degrade performance til 90. 65-70 is normal operating temp for any decent game.
  8. He's really worried about someone stealing his clips
  9. Wow. That's really strange. It's not like that around here. Still. Before you make that decision, go on a ride along. Also. You're making the choice between school OR the academy. Departments may not have a degree requirement, but most will seek someone with a degree. Anyone with even a 2 yr will have a leg up on you. Personally I don't think the academy will get you that much traction. Honestly I would go to school for at least two years. I assume you're under 25? Most departments will look for people with life experience. While they may say the minimum age is 21, it's highly unlikely they'll choose a 21-25 yr old over someone who's maybe 28-31+
  10. If you're in it for the money, you're in it for the wrong reason ^^ This man's advice is spot on. As for OP @Tb:) : If the military isn't for you, go to school. But don't major in something like criminal justice or criminology. If for some reason you end up in a wheel chair or things don't work out, those degrees are super specific. Find a happy medium. Don't major in some liberal art, but maybe something like accounting, or public admin. etc Look at local departments, see if they offer a cadet program. Some of them are paid and offer 20-30 hrs a week working a desk in the precinct or evidence/permit distribution. It's a great way to get your foot in the door. Also look to see if your department offers civilian ride alongs. Go see what the job is really like, ask questions. It's not something you want to go into blindly. EDIT Also. I would hold off on the academy unless you're sure you have a job lined up. It can get expensive and some departments will sponsor you and pay for you to go through the academy.
  11. Calm down Connor. There's a reason you changed your name
  12. This is the real crime right here
  13. If you know how development works... You'd understand that when you fix bugs, usually more are created. Especially within Arma. Play testing = discover bugs. Discover bugs = more dev. More dev = more bugs. Repeat.
  14. You people are impatient and ungrateful as fuck.