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  1. The hero we need but don't deserve.
  2. If you just make a script that checks for any keystrokes/player inputs people are just going to make macros that hold/press movement keys inside a random building or bush. If you want something effective you'll need to check for player kills/deaths.
  3. You walked into them. Your problem
  4. Impossible Arma doesn't run this smooth
  5. No way to prove that two people do not share a house/IP. So. Enforcement would be a bitch.
  6. The real estate market died when they removed crates from sells and made everything rotate.
  7. Make it experience based. So people can't just log in every x days for one paycheck Pls dont do this I have a life.
  8. I thought it was 30? So I can move my log in alarm to 60 days?
  9. I do not buy from other users for the purpose of resale. Also. You do not need to sell it. You can have 5 houses on every server. You're only gonna get like 50k back from selling it. I'd say keep it just incase you switch back