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  1. If people exist on the internet and can't understand sarcasm they should re-evaluate their decisions
  2. Parents that pay for chores All jokes aside. I don't think this game will last long. Its going to get stale very quickly because most characters have a few combos/moves that get used over and over. I feel theres not a lot of room for variation of engagement. It will end up like R6. People play for a few weeks, maybe couple months. Then get bored and will come back when new characters/maps/game modes are added.
  3. The fact that you say they are identical in EVERY ASPECT aside from the skin is false in it of it self. You've failed to even look at surface information that you seem to cite every time someone makes this argument. Now. This has nothing to do with the armor (possibly) but you keep making this claim that the files are IDENTICAL when there is a difference. ' LOAD and WEIGHT. Are different. As someone who said you've confirmed the files are the same, thats sounds like a load of horse shit. Just saying though.
  4. No. Peel
  5. HA. You think he wants that powerless position?
  6. ^^^ This is what is IMPLIED when skin is used
  7. I'll do some testing later with tac vests and see if it yields any difference.
  8. You clearly arent understanding this PC (Pilot coveralls) were added as a SKIN. It just so has it that ArmA is retarded and these seem to have a worse hitbox. What you are DONATING for is a SKIN that ON PAPER has the same abilities as its non-loot crate counterpart This is not the case, as we discovered. But it IS NOT ADVERTISED as giving an advantage. It is advertised as just being another skin. It is INTENDED to be another skin. BIS TOS prohibits a P2W structure. Acknowledging that these give an advantage and continuing to keep them in the game is a breach.
  9. You paid for a SKIN. If a SKIN is REPLACED, you cannot complain You also made a DONATION and received a REWARD as an extension of gratitude. Buying a product vs Donating are two different beasts.
  10. I mean, the CFG does define what DB the server connects to (At least that's how it works in a lot of cases) So he's half right in saying it was a DB problem, however its not the root. Also @Paratus, can we use 'doucebag' as the technical term from here on out?
  11. >Add to BABS blacklist >Watch people find ways to obtain it >Watch people use it in fights >Shows up in Sync logs >BABS the salty bitch dispenses her salty justice >Person cries saying they don't know why they got banned >Admin laughs because they knew full well what they were doing Its not as if a certain ex staff member used a Lynx on someone's Orca after all
  12. Only whats listed in the thread 70ks in DP21 go for that... Lol.
  13. Wrong forums