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  1. Most I've ever seen them with are gang tags. Or Error No Unit <Name>
  2. You do know AI say Error No Unit if you Tilde them right?
  3. Civilian defibs exist.... But you don't know what civilian is
  4. Jk, they bounty boost and bounty share. So they'll be gone soon enough. HINT Changing your name, doesnt change you PID and past names hehe xd
  5. Find the free money. I'll wait in TS
  6. A post that isn't post 6.0
  7. an admin. By no means should some of them be considered role models.
  8. @Budbringer @henky @Professor Pericles @Norwegianviking Seems like an easy enough target....
  9. "Hands up or die" whilst in a truck K.
  10. Didn't lie on my app. Shoutout to Tupair
  11. Can we make it so gang/group tags show on tilde names and texts?
  12. Where did you find people this easy to shoot? Looks like good money PS Buy CSAT, you live longer