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  1. You know nothing about when Asylum was great...
  2. TIL Everyone here knows nothing about how viruses work.
  3. bachelor party. 10 guys pitch in 100ish dollars as a joke. lmao. If I had the money I would ship that shit to some of my friends just to see the look on their face.
  4. What happens when games go on sale....? _____________
  5. Huh. Realized you were probably wrong eh? I appreciate your input and generous amount of instruction and advice. I'll make sure to pass it along to the right person. We appreciate your valuable insight and admire your dedication to your cause. Have a wonderful evening/morning.
  6. When you can no longer present an actual argument so you move to making baseless accusations and claims unrelated to the matter at hand. Also. Your meme is shit. Literally no one understands what the fuck you're trying to say with the 4 square bullshit.
  7. I don't care who you are or what the case is. You respect service members and public servants. I don't care about the context or medium. It's common courtesy.