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  1. Also. 90% of the time it will still record NEW clips. That line just indicates that the previous clip froze in a temp file, which you would think would just be a standard video format but Nvidia is special and stores it in some special format that only shadowplay and encode.
  2. Dont think I've ever reported anyone in IA. Only really filed CL reports because they were easy. Cucks that file comp and RDM on a 6k loadout need to grow up. I've reported very few people for RDM. Fred and some FSA guy. Unless it was super easy aka right off a spawn. Everyone is out to get everyone points to get brownie points with the higher ups. Used to have other constables try to report me for cursing at civilians before Hypanius clarified you basically just couldn't tell a civilian to go fuck themselves. And that really never stopped me either. God damn snowflakes.
  3. Ok. Well Im not on right now. So it'll have to wait til tomorrow.
  4. No? I do what I want...? And I generally dont buy houses from other people....
  5. Yee. Presuming I dont get a better offer in the next couple days.
  6. I'm sorry about that too Wubz. Must be aids dealing with that many meat shields
  7. Thats not what Im saying.... Its going to be more than 200k but less than a mil. I've had similar houses go for anywhere between 500k and 800k. Just saying.
  8. lmao right? Just because it says offer, doesn't mean I take offer. Its almost like I need to make an "etiquette of bidding thread"
  9. Thread is ALWAYS updated. If its listed IN THE MAIN POST, IT IS STILL AVAILABLE. Bid is going to have to be far more than 200k my friend.
  10. This isn't Olympus You can be toxic here