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  1. Jesus Christ why is your game so bright.
  2. Do you know how long a blood bag takes?
  3. 50% sampling VERY LOW everything 720p res
  4. Why do you use carrier pigeon and not Paul Revere? Or
  5. What is happening notlikethis
  6. Beat me by one second. Are you me?
  7. Why do you use hotmail and not carrier pigeon?
  8. Why do you use AOL and not hotmail?
  9. LTs always used to preach that the windows degrade and break just like IFRIT windows. That's never been case. If I had a dollar for everytime an LT said "I broke the glass" I'd be Elon Musk
  10. If you have an unbiased candidate who makes dogshit suggestions then nothing happens anyway. That's already how it is. Because people don't look at the features they want from balance standpoints, it's just "mine mine mine mine"
  11. *18 is a reasonable number. Also I'm pretty sure countries with a legal drinking age of 18 have less alcohol problems than those with 21+ Not only are you citing less people, people generally won't do stupid things to get it. A 17 year old in the US is 4 years from legally being able to drink. In those with an age of 18, 4 years from 18 would be 14. When I was 14 alcohol wasn't at the top of the list of priorities. 21 is a silly number anyway you look at it.
  12. Most of this is base price.With the exception of RAM and the 50 dollars in rebates. Didn't see any good 144 hz gsync IPS monitors go on sale either