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  1. Identical logic.
  2. Don't want to get in a car accident? Don't drive a car.
  3. Ah yes... because signature images need to be this big....
  4. I remember my first two tap
  5. If you're high enough rank you can just threaten to get an admin because someone isnt treating you with kid gloves
  6. Playing on AS servers LUL
  7. if you actually think the MXM makes a noticeable difference then that's a placebo. It doesn't make a difference til after like 800m
  8. Equally shit content
  9. "You grind all day and then die like a retard" So... you mean Asylum?
  10. Sex scene at 2 mil boys
  11. I'm not tryna bash on you. More power to you. If people watch it/you're making money, you're doing more than I could. I personally just dislike that kind of format. Seems lazy to me. <3
  12. Yikes. Channels that just aggregate info like Buzzfeed and not really create "original" content. Yikes.
  13. Pretty nice graphic tbh
  14. Kill yourself, honestly. Have some god damn respect.