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  1. Axe


    How old do you feel rn @Clint Beastwood lmao Sorry. I'll cut it in half from 400 to 200 for you
  2. Axe


    Hi. Dad, @Clint Beastwood, will you let me out of the basement yet. It's cold
  3. Axe

    Change log 8.1.6

    "Why's server performance such shit" Huh.
  4. Axe


    I don't know how any of you are still here. You're poor hearts are gonna be overworked and cooked by the time y'all hit 20. Jesus Christ. This much stress ain't good for you. Except Clint. He's like as old as dirt. His heart is hardened
  5. "Theres too much gun violence in X country" "Better decriminalize gun violence, then people can't complain!" This is essentially the argument. That's not a fix. The quite the opposite.
  6. Hotkey to run disable/enable monitor crosshair EZ
  7. I've seem worse Captains/Chiefs...
  8. Axe

    Encore V2

    This roster looks oddly familiar...
  9. So...? 3 years ago? Because the "most rich" list has always omitted players with "admin" perms ingame... Asylum 3 years ago looked much different
  10. Am I missing something? Why does the guy at 1:19 just drop dead without you shooting? Are the servers just that shitty now?
  11. Can confirm. 7-8th grade Spanish teacher played this everyday for the first 3 weeks.
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