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  1. Servers still taking a crap around this time and in 1 hour like in august?
  2. Dont wanna read tru like pages of garbage posts, why iusnt it mentioned how to obtain infamy in the first post? lol
  3. Time to sell Asylum to someone that have passion to fix it.o0
  4. Even i got bored of Asylum
  5. Get FUcked
  6. Have a feeling we all will be commenting this same changelog in early 2019..
  7. Maybe u should take one sync, and relog?
  8. Welcome and have fun=)
  9. Thats what u like to see
  10. ha ha
  11. Whats a rebel tree?
  12. Also a fix for the annoying Jury thing, or delete it at least.
  13. Legwalker, hahaha