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  1. mrkillalot8989

    Modded Server

    Maldan is a shit map, I'd rather play stratis.
  2. mrkillalot8989

    first montage

    naw this is pretty bad tbh
  3. mrkillalot8989

    first montage

    yeah, I had jsrs enabled in some of the clips.
  4. mrkillalot8989

    first montage

    only good thing about your montage is when it finally ended
  5. mrkillalot8989

    Water Purifier

  6. mrkillalot8989

    Water Purifier

    I don't think we really need this on the server. Either it will be op and everyone will run it. Or it'll be useless and no one will run it. Like most of the shit now. Maybe it'd be better to make it so you have to use this water for scotch or a better scotch that sells for more.
  7. mrkillalot8989

    Change Log 8.3.1

    ok? and the time i was on it crashed twice?
  8. mrkillalot8989

    Change Log 8.3.1

    its crashed twice in the past 45 min with only 30-40 people on
  9. mrkillalot8989

    New way to RP ( for police officers)

    but i like i'm sorry the best i can do i a half ticket and sent to jail
  10. mrkillalot8989

    [ S O L D ]

    ill take it for that if you still have it
  11. mrkillalot8989

    Introducing Barns

    It'll either be really op and abused until nerfed into the ground. Or just completely useless and just a noob trap. Don't get me wrong I think it's a decent idea. Unlike 90% of what I read on here. But from a balance point of view I don't see how it works.
  12. mrkillalot8989


    @Jesse make identity 2 but it's actually good
  13. mrkillalot8989

    Spawn Selection Menu

    Again don't die as much and you don't have to see that cancerous spawn menu
  14. mrkillalot8989

    Introducing Barns

    Introducing a way to waste a house slot!