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  1. i feel like it would see more use as a bounty hunter gun then it has ever seen use as a rebel gun. Kinda useless to rebels because of the other 7.62s that we have access to.
  2. solid patch after 3 weeks!
  3. In-Game Name: Nacken Sie Sich Age: 21 Timezone (NA/EU): NA Arma 3 Hours (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/5aadb427ab6fd8a74cb8caf07d5fe561 Bank Balance (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/50add02c0d22e5a7564c5f50879cc205 Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak: yee yee Current and Past Gangs: Aphelion Velocity What do you have to offer? i have knowledge of all the cartels from fighting them for years
  4. you should make a cory b's ex girlfriend thread
  5. Maldan is a shit map, I'd rather play stratis.
  6. yeah, I had jsrs enabled in some of the clips.
  7. only good thing about your montage is when it finally ended
  8. I don't think we really need this on the server. Either it will be op and everyone will run it. Or it'll be useless and no one will run it. Like most of the shit now. Maybe it'd be better to make it so you have to use this water for scotch or a better scotch that sells for more.
  9. ok? and the time i was on it crashed twice?
  10. its crashed twice in the past 45 min with only 30-40 people on
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