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  1. Bring back stratis
  2. Always been this way an how it's been lately don't see anything happening with this server for a while
  3. funny asf
  4. So sorry sjjsjskskksks jkjk give me my vop
  5. please lol
  6. Ask someone to check my hours shit head havemt touch asylum for a while fuck off my thread an I can't stop in an see how things are going still the same little kid
  7. The only thing I wanted was to be cop
  8. It's sad that most of these new high up apd came a long time after me an I'm still not a cop because I'm to young xd
  9. Secretly 9 don't tell please
  10. Neck yourself <3
  11. yea those were the real days o7
  12. @Goyneyyy you can play when me an tye play
  13. I'm going to ask you to get the fuck off my good bye thread you fucking no name. You joined the apd and stayed their because you were too shit to join a gang. You take this game more seriouse then your own life. You probably live in your moms basement.
  14. I've been having fun on it. I lost interest in this after 5k now time to start another journey
  15. Thanks guys