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  1. How about everyone go to Olympus fun and no crashing
  2. thought u got eaten by a anaconda in Vietnam @R4N9A
  3. Has been like this for 2 years @Gnashes gives zero fucks what u guys are saying and nothing will change
  4. Bring back stratis
  5. Always been this way an how it's been lately don't see anything happening with this server for a while
  6. funny asf
  7. So sorry sjjsjskskksks jkjk give me my vop
  8. please lol
  9. Ask someone to check my hours shit head havemt touch asylum for a while fuck off my thread an I can't stop in an see how things are going still the same little kid
  10. The only thing I wanted was to be cop
  11. It's sad that most of these new high up apd came a long time after me an I'm still not a cop because I'm to young xd
  12. Secretly 9 don't tell please
  13. Neck yourself <3
  14. yea those were the real days o7
  15. @Goyneyyy you can play when me an tye play