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  1. I wanna be like you when I grow up

  2. Don't forget about the suicide vest lol xD
  3. I’m a career cop and I’m pretty sure I can rip your head off your fucking shoulders. Just saying not all career cops are bad
  4. Lol I like how you insult the guy when he is just giving his opinion and trying to debate. I'm starting to see why you supposedly get "robocop'd" a lot and cry about it on the forums. It has got to be your attitude towards those people and not because you WIPED them multiple times. The cops do have to listen to your rp but if you were being a dick head and harassing the cops the whole way back to the hq, that might play a big part in why you are receiving those tickets and not a pardon. Maybe you should look at yourself and how you behave instead of complaining and talking shit to people just giving their opinions. PS: I don't know who you and why you think your such a hot shot that you can tell people things like "get the fuck outta kavala" and "you are obviously new" so you should stick to crying on the forums and less insulting
  5. Lol not this guy again
  6. Have you tried turning it off and on? @Innateocean
  7. Lmfao! Dom you fucking buck tooth looking ass! <3 you my dude
  8. Shoutout to my boy @Jbdragon for being an active admin even though his computer is a literal potato with wires connected to it.
  9. Can confirm
  10. Can confirm just like subbie said all the retards will comment lol ^^^^ stay salty my friends
  11. Congrats to my boy @Clockwerk on being the first gay Captain lol! Lets go!
  12. You sucked Gnashes dick. Ew....
  13. Wait is that my strider?