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  1. Wait is that my strider?
  2. What about donating so we can make the servers actually more playable? Don't know anything about managing servers or how we could better the stability but if there is something we can do donation wise I think a lot of us would like to know how we could help. @bamf
  3. Don't leave me pls @Shugie Boogie
  4. Can confirm #imsorrydom
  5. Well hopefully you guys can eventually figure out whats wrong with it. Me and the rest of server 4 wait for the day we can play in peace and not count down the minutes it takes for us to get kicked lol.
  6. @Paratus @bamf @Gnashes So when can we hear on why the server stability and mass kicks on 4 are way worse than all the others? I know this has been asked before and from what I have seen, you guys just say you are looking into it or its a Bohemia issue. I don't entirely buy that Bohemia excuse because servers 1-3 have way better performance and stability than 4. Server 4 is unplayable and it sucks for us who call server 4 our home server. We understand that the other servers are also going through the same thing in terms of mass kicks but server 4 is on another level when it comes to how bad it is . I know you guys have other things going on but any update or explanation would be appreciated.
  7. There was a scripter because we all got ejected and well you can see what happened to you lol
  8. We got pulled out of the heli LMFAO!
  9. AYYY LMAO @Dom @Tyrese
  10. What are those!?!?!?!? @Jbdragon
  11. @Jbdragon
  12. @Leady @Jbdragon @Clockwerk @Dom @Skull I think we made Kavala a much safer place that day and then we took them for a ride but unfortunately for them it did not end well