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  1. Don't leave me pls @Shugie Boogie
  2. Can confirm #imsorrydom
  3. Well hopefully you guys can eventually figure out whats wrong with it. Me and the rest of server 4 wait for the day we can play in peace and not count down the minutes it takes for us to get kicked lol.
  4. @Paratus @bamf @Gnashes So when can we hear on why the server stability and mass kicks on 4 are way worse than all the others? I know this has been asked before and from what I have seen, you guys just say you are looking into it or its a Bohemia issue. I don't entirely buy that Bohemia excuse because servers 1-3 have way better performance and stability than 4. Server 4 is unplayable and it sucks for us who call server 4 our home server. We understand that the other servers are also going through the same thing in terms of mass kicks but server 4 is on another level when it comes to how bad it is . I know you guys have other things going on but any update or explanation would be appreciated.
  5. There was a scripter because we all got ejected and well you can see what happened to you lol
  6. We got pulled out of the heli LMFAO!
  7. AYYY LMAO @Dom @Tyrese
  8. What are those!?!?!?!? @Jbdragon
  9. @Jbdragon
  10. @Leady @Jbdragon @Clockwerk @Dom @Skull I think we made Kavala a much safer place that day and then we took them for a ride but unfortunately for them it did not end well
  11. lol you bought my house