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  1. Yeah buddy you can play with my group. I speak fluent Spanish and can help you with whatever you might need. I’m going to be out of town this weekend, but shoot me a forums DM and we can play during the week. And if you need translating shoot me a message on discord and I will help you as soon as I’m available.
  2. Lol pretty funny how you were saying yes yes yes .... I bet this was what was going through your head, “ omg yes this constable is so stupid, he’s going to kill me and then I’m going to upload this video on the forums and it will be hilarious hahahahahahaha”. Pretty much sums it up right? You really got him with this video, he might even have to comp you your fresh spawn load out lol
  3. I couldn't see in a million years some of the people on here complaining/crying actually role play, which is kind of ironic. All they really want to do is go *pew pew* and get small tickets without putting any effort.
  4. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 you were always a good friend to me and so for that I thank you. I wish you and your family the best. Hopefully this isn’t the last time we see you buddy. Me and the boys will really miss you and your old ass lol. Take care o7
  5. There are some people who play on Asylum who can not speak or barely speak any English. For example there have been several different groups like the Chinese and portugués speaking people that enjoy playing on Asylum even though it’s a English speaking Sever. Which is why the asylum staff want people that can speak various languages just in case these individuals need help. Whoops blackshot beat me to it! Lol
  6. Term for Support...... I mean @Nino Brown for admin
  7. Lol wtf are you looking at this old ass video for and yes that was @Ewephoric
  8. Oh I’m always up for RP but I also like to win fights and you sometimes can’t win without lethaling a few from their defensive positions.
  9. Ok when you are doing a bank where do you usually sit? On the roof? Let’s say the cops push up to the bank and disarm it? What now? They just wait on the ladders with the rebel’s watching them. So there is a reason people play those sniper positions. It’s nearly impossible to get the people on the roof without lethaling some. Let’s assume there are multiple people on the roof just watching the ladders, how do you get up there? You could either attempt a hot drop or letal people so you can get an opportunity to push up the ladders which is what cops usually do. So I don’t know what’s the issue.
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