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  1. @david_000 I will give you 200k for only the 3 crater
  2. @david_000 is it still for sale
  3. @bamf It would be great if the jury system was fixed it was a great system when it worked
  4. The Sofia area has not been used since the illegal areas have started moving. This has left Sofia a dead zone for players what I am proposing is that we make a LSD factory or a shrooms fields this would make the Sofia area more active.
  5. I am not a Sargent though
  6. The Asylum Police Department has decided to take a stand against the cartels that flood our streets with illegal weapons and drugs. In the new police update allows Sargent authorize raid on cartels but they MUST have one or more armored vehicles in order to raid the cartel Thank you for you time and please like for more updates also feel free to tell me what you think of the update
  7. Server Problems - Servers crash a lot - That they are unable to fix the servers Community Problems - Toxic players - Side chat/texts of "Comp or ban" - The lack of action taken against Combat logging - No/lack of role play If you can think of any please reply and like to raise more awareness of the problems and thank you for you time
  8. It’s 100k easily