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  1. Foreshadowing??? New Asylum server... humm?
  2. Wouldn’t I been great if the market actually worked...
  3. Squelchy

    New Admin Events

    The admins should have a go kart racing event
  4. @Elaiscancer I am not saying that we remove all the rebels but we don't need 6 rebels on a server
  5. ok... @Clint Beastwood this is getting ridiculous I have been here for +5 years and I have seen the ups and downs. This is ridiculous that WE have the pay a INCREASED price for a well really shitty car. the adding of 3 more rebels is a little bit excessive and as a cop myself, the cop buff is a little bit over kill the point is to have a balanced experience of ALL player not just cops or civs. what I propose is we remove the new update and we go back to the drawing board and figure a way that everyone on the server can be happy with.
  6. Hello everyone and @Clint Beastwood. The reduction of server slots has made people have to wait 25 minutes plus to even get on to the server. This was something that they were going to change back but I haven’t seen any type of update or any type of announcements.
  7. Happy New Year hope everyone hope 2019 will be a great one. Hopefully we will get better servers “LOL” @Clint Beastwood
  8. @david_000 I will give you 200k for only the 3 crater
  9. @bamf It would be great if the jury system was fixed it was a great system when it worked
  10. In game name: Squelchy Age: 18 Arma 3 Hours (Include Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/fdb29783e15516c39894eaabf42cc35d Anyone in the gang who can vouch for you? (If so who?) Yushang and Muffin
  11. The Sofia area has not been used since the illegal areas have started moving. This has left Sofia a dead zone for players what I am proposing is that we make a LSD factory or a shrooms fields this would make the Sofia area more active.
  12. To all applicants, sorry your application has not been responded to this is due to our gang leader being gone on vacation he will be back today or tomorrow. Thanks - Squelchy
  13. Age: 18 In-Game Name: Sean Screenshot of talents: https://gyazo.com/11d93c93db45ead57cd9c6149fdf6923 Player ID: 765611979837655 Current/Previous Gangs: Defiance Estimated Time in ASYLUM Life: +1000 Have you been banned before? (If yes, why?) yea, for VDM How much money do you have? (screenshot include garage if applies) 2 million https://gyazo.com/6d4e91003ef0226db4d15d353a15d252 Do you have a mic and can you talk? yea, in discord and teamspeak What will you bring to the gang? Money and good leadership Tell us about yourself: I am in high school and I am into computers and robotics I am a very busy person
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