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  1. Woah I’m gone for like 2 days and this happens..... jeez
  2. Choose a civilian slot (purple) not a police slot (blue)
  3. You know who I am...you know what I’m trying to do, I’m just trying to represent for all the roleplayers in this world.
  4. Hey man I’m just roleplayer trying to survive in this world.
  5. My man Dillon gettin bullied over here
  6. I’m just a role player trying to survive in this world.
  7. Lmao I came back once the prison was over and chopped two of them.
  8. Accepted! Bring Keyroller as well we'd love to have him! I'll pm you the discord.
  9. Rats in CSATS Requirements Over 800 hours Must have a stable bank account Must have cartel knowledge Application: Ingame name: Discord name: Previous gangs: Screenshot of hours: Screenshot of bank account: What are we about? Just two kids yakkin on other kids
  10. I used to be in a gang called PeaceKeepers a long time ago, good luck!!!
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