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  1. wtf man it decides everything leave the man alone
  2. Just craft them dude!
  3. Used the market in a creative way
  4. What type of cycle is that
  5. Yes we had hackers. We would not of done this exploit if we knew we were gonna get banned, we got told by Bada its fine to do
  6. crafted and sold mohawks / 50 cals using a market exploit
  7. Old man, 1v1 me civ 5
  8. @Gaskal @RoguePilot All of us stopped doing it since we got that msg.
  9. pretty sure nobody plays the game as much as they used to
  10. exactly big men like us are too good
  11. Pretty sure he started using a new cheat again, His account he played with us on got globaled along side the rest.
  12. The Explicit spray
  13. nice dox wtf!!!!!!!!11!