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  1. Maybe this is not a known fact but Big Rod is like 9 feet tall. That mother fucker takes 2 steps and is up the whole tower. He is just a taller gamer.
  2. Looks like the guy is playing on controller with aim assist
  3. That medic clip was pretty dope. Nice
  4. If you are looking for your head, its still rolling down the hill near water spot at church.
  5. my face when Eazy makes the same joke for the 45th time
  6. Wanting to buy a medium to big sized house near meth/dp15/dp21/dp22 or further south
  7. @Huan Lee @Smee how much
  8. Imagine begging me to join and me saying NO lul
  9. Name the top 5 players from your gang. (Does not have to be in any particular order) Torment: 1. Addon 2. Cali 3. Tekson 4. Sammy 5. Boomer when on the .50 cal offroad Honorable Mention: 1. Typhon Software
  10. Colleges all around me including mine are all either shutdown or moved to online classes. States are going to be shutdown besides like gas stations, hospitals and grocery stores.
  11. Nice Clips. I can't get over that jump script shit that Olympus has lmfao you just jump 10 feet while injured.
  12. Hmu if anyone wants to get carried in Apex.. peep that damage
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