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  1. Shit you right cause the other phone model was actually starting to make the game unplayable.
  2. maxed out his moms credit card
  3. I don't do this often but I'll carry you for asylum money
  4. Rank? May Explain Everything
  5. Bro remember what community you're in developers don't listen to us.
  6. Fuck Off
  7. I'll miss you duping suicide vest
  8. Gambling is an addiction you need Jesus.
  9. Nice pull downs
  10. Honestly would have recruited you into the FaZe team but you had no sniper clips
  11. https://gyazo.com/09208cbaf3adde689d3e7c667513f745
  12. When do we expect a Roblox montage?
  13. @OperationSB how much you bench bro?
  14. Spederino 3mil So maybe my dad will stopped calling me a low life loser who plays video games all day and never goes outside
  15. Welcome to the best community out there!!!!!!!!