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  1. 1. What's your in-game name? Spederino 2. Why do you want to join Purge? Looking for active gang to play with 3. Have you been in any other previous gangs? (If so which ones) Stellar 4. Will anyone vouch for you? Not That I Know Of 5. How active do you plan on being? Pretty Active 6. Are you in the APD? (If so what rank) Constable 7. Have you had any previous bans on Asylum? Yes 8. How many hours do you have on Arma? 9. How many of those hours are on Asylum? 1600
  2. Pretty sure you're just having a hard time seeing the small text old man.
  3. Who cares at this point the only thing that is going to get added to the servers are new donation perks
  4. Rather just have servers that didn't lag
  5. Suicide is a dumb way to kill yourself but we can make exceptions
  6. Start a Asylum Staff Sex Roleplay story line
  7. This video is more epic than Despactio
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