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  1. Well its a fucking bank so instead of server and number of cops, lets actually tie in the money from the server here. All clothing shop, gas station, store run by an npc adds to the bank. Speeding tickets too. Alot more income from other stores can be added but I don't want to add anything illegal to it. I mean its a bank why would they. Legal cannabis can also add more vault money to the bank. How much people really spend on those items who knows. Maybe we should find out. Add a gold bar every time the vault has enough to make one, plus the remaining in dirty money. You CANT check your phone to find out how much is in the bank. You have to use the atm inside the bank, and scroll "Hack" and you have to stay for one minute maybe thirty seconds to find out the balance. You would still be pinged for using the atm by a cop or bounty hunter if they have the talent. sucks to suck. I don't think the bank should be refreshed to 0 after restarts unless we really have too. This still wouldn't help to your cause, because why not wait till everyone has bought everything, then rob the bank. Well there isn't much you can do about pussy's robbing the bank 15 minutes before restart. Maybe in the last 30 minutes you can add a modifier to lower the pay out to 75% of the money in the bank to discourage playing like a pussy. Or enough that you need to have all the talent points to even the payout again. please let me know how stupid or great this would sound
  2. True but most of us didn't have any say on how that was built, and this time you guys can build it to your liking
  3. I love AltisI really do, but what if we played Asylum on a custom map built by the community by 9.0(If asylum still exist). No mods cause Arma 3 isn't to bad, and it wouldn't involve any complicated mods or new GUI's just Asylum, and if possible we can design them by seasons too. Fuck I'll make it myself with the community if we all tried you could pick the number of towns and the size of the world, what goes where and what should be the cartel location, layout, design. Town names and size. Environment and weather if possible.
  4. I just dropped $78 for it. I believe it will be well worth it.
  5. I'm sorry but I am so incredibly jealous that you have that gang name
  6. I can't tell whats better. My screaming or the car flying.
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