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  1. Why are you angry? The admins banned the last two remaining gang leaders on asylum (Me and probe). Who or what made you angry? Potato for banning me and probe for something that isn't stated in the rules and then going on vacation How can we help you with your anger? Give all gang leaders the Connor Mcgreggor treatment Would you like to invite a friend who might also need it? @pr0digyt
  2. Armor stacking has proven to be detrimental to this community, it gives an even greater advantage to gangs and groups that rely on numbers for victory and also significantly reduces your chances of getting an ambush or distance kill before the person your shooting at begins doing the DPI dance until your 20 rounds are out and they stomp you. It completely has changed the course of fights on the server and not for the better might I add. We should remove it from the donation goals, and rid this plague of atrocious game play and unrealistic advantages.
  3. Whats the reason? we wont let cops go to therisa anymore but we can let kids with po7 camp vehicle garage and send you to jail in 10 seconds when your trying to cartel fight. Dosent make any logical sense in my opinion.
  4. Application Accepted, you have ts already, feel free to join.
  5. Application under review, thank you for your interest in our gang.
  6. Application Accepted, come by teamspeak and talk. Welcome to asylum and thank you for your interest in our gang.
  7. Application under review. thank you for your interest in our gang.
  8. Application accepted for trial, thank you for your interest in our gang
  9. hard earned gang funds at use
  10. I assume he was joking, I don’t actually use pulldowns. After like a couple thousand hours you just get used to using the same gun over and over and learning the recoil pattern tbh.
  11. Precisely, AHK and pull downs are apart of my loadup routine for Asylum. Only good players use pull downs
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