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  1. This is the best shit post ive ever seen on this forum. +1
  2. Fake News
  3. this man is SMOKED the fuck out
  4. he asked how he could contribute to helping the server , thats what i think. Sorry lmfao
  5. fight cartels , that would help
  6. This video was a lot funnier tbh
  7. okay i think i have been there before , i dont know though.
  8. Wait , where is window?
  9. Wants to get rid of 7.62 and ifrit lmao nice meme
  10. I disagree, they realize the only way for the server to be completely revived is to listen to their community (which makes them money). You can sit here and be negative nancy all day long if you choose but thats never going to have even a chance of encouraging change. Think about a recent post in which an argument was made for group cap increase and the removal of aids cartels like castle drug and east arms. The devs listened to the overwhelming amount of community support for the idea and updated accordingly. They might not listen but its a better chance to make a post then it is to not make one.
  11. That is 16.5k but i completely agree with you, although i like the idea of high demand because it benefits people who are crafting, but perhaps lower the overall cost of high demand products because 16.5k is ridiculous to pay for a gun.
  12. I disagree with the war point thing because I dont think they would be able to come up with enough content to accommodate that; although i do really like the idea of war rating meaning something rather then it just being a dick measuring contest. More cartel locations i also disagree with because we saw what happened with things like Castle drug, North wongs, and East arms. Definitely lower prices. I like the gang bank deposit idea, but perhaps minus oil cartel because who really wants to spend 20 minutes ghost capping oil. New places for bank and fed are good in theory but it would taker a great deal of work to get the same result, and perhaps the older members of the community would not like this because they are so used to how banks and feds work currently. Just a different viewpoint from me.
  13. but then mk1's are still going to be 13k when in high demand, a lot of people agree with you but I dont think the fix is as simple as that
  14. There is a lot of debate amount money and the impact it has on asylum as a whole. Many people have a very strong opinion on the cost of rebel loadouts and vehicles. Hopefully this poll will give the Devs an accurate representation of what their community wants with respects to Rebel loadout and vehicle prices. Personally I think they are far too expensive in the current state. Nothing is worse then dying and having to go back to rebel to find that you have to spend 16.5k on an mk1 if the taxes are 20% and they are high demand. Nobody wants to spend 40k on a loadout. Personally I feel that this really discourages gang activity, and many people would agree with that. Vote for what you think should be done to rebel loadouts and vehicle prices so the devs have some motivation to change it, or leave it the same if that is what the community wills.