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  1. Hi.

  2. Hi.

    No go away young sir
  3. Take care my dude I hope all goes well for you man take care o7
  4. K bye
  5. Sweet
  6. Its a shame to see you leave man a fantastic cop and an even better friend miss you man take care stay out of trouble see you around soon man. xx
  7. I’m British I say it a lot lol
  8. It’s a shame to see you leave buddy as Kevin said there is always next month but making a post on the forums like this is not the way to go about things buddy there’s good and bad in everyone buddy but in my honest opinion bud you handled this the wrong way. Being negative to all p2 LTS is not going to get anywhere my dude but if your leaving man see you around fella have a good one.
  9. XD

  10. no your known as the toxic little shit get it right lol
  11. oh if it is not captain toxic himself you guys got nothing better to do than try to roast us in the forums but guess what baby girl we don't care what you lot think have fun roasting nobody
  12. not laughed that much in a while
  13. Hey man, I have made up my mind sorry, But i've made up my mind and really wan't to join FSA and stuff, would love to do my trail week and actually be apart of FSA .Thank you

  14. sent a message to u jam

  15. lol hahahaha