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  1. you don't have arms or legs you are a fucking nugget
  2. not a trash and cancerous retard like you
  3. when you know your posts are irrelevant so you click bait
  4. In-Game Name: yes Age: 11 Arma 3 Hours: i just got the game yesterday Bank Balance: yes Have you ever been banned? yes Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak and Discord? which one Current and Past Gangs? yes Why do you want to join our gang? yes Do you know any members of our gang? yes
  5. Because it has gotten stale. But what other games can you get the same experience from?
  6. In my opinion it's mainly like this because there is nothing new/fun/interesting thing to do as a rebel anymore. Everything on the map has been done tens of times by each player and it has gotten stale. If there was more things to do as a rebel then people would be here for "gang life" rather than what it has turned in to, Cartel Teams.
  7. delete this post.....and your forums account
  8. Even something as simple as this would spice things up quite a bit. Or even like a event where cops hold out in a designated area and rebels and civilians would have to kill the cops to get to the middle and steal the HEMMT or provide their own vehicle and load things up from a crate. While still having to worry about the other civs/rebels due to the temporary KOS zone
  9. This is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on the forums lol
  10. I agree. Something like this would help gang life extremely well!
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