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  1. kisses
  2. Tom i love u baby girl but this tage was better than most of these retards in a " tier 1 gang " and on top of that what even is a tier 1 gang anymore look at the rosters of all the gangs that fight cartels. When u sit here and play this shit all day u get good its not hard i went from being in duplicity to having a fan club and being banned off the server for cheating in less than year.
  3. When did this kid get better than all u mongs
  4. This man here has a masters degree in baiting his team
  5. Im gonna have to cut off all association with you after this one...
  6. Thicc men make the best montages!
  7. Wow ur such a god
  8. What are ahks?
  9. @Marzoh
  10. Lag switcher
  11. Out of all the kfc employees you are definitely the best at arma!
  12. i got yo baby mama and she callin meeeeeeeeeeeee
  13. pretty godtier honestly
  14. Nobody in prime has alt accounts to -rep that retard , just nobody in the server likes u or ur brother so all of olympus dislike his posts
  15. The way of the jedi will never die