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  1. Its not just the money its the aids runs without tempest devices ... they will speed up runs and not cause them to take long ... a tempest device would really help this server for sure
  2. I am not that lion xD reee I have already talked to you before and cleared I am not that lion but if you wanna lend me 20 bucks ill pay back
  3. so like can we get a poll going ?
  4. cartels caped and all of the perks or ?
  5. no one else is crying about it but alot of people talk about it ... No one says anything because olympus is there and they can play it ... I want a poll so this can be over its simple @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  6. lol I like how they are not going to start a poll I know im right @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  7. idk dude asylum are full of farmers and a small amount of cartel fighters I guess ... I am not googling your stats retard your a random
  8. Okay so 10 % does nothing ... Infamy isnt doing to help you get new players as they start with 0 takes ages to get more gangs that hold zaros ... thats a gang feature not really what a average person can do when theirs gangs on ... fed holds more gold once again your not thinking of others price of gold bars once again not everyone does feds orcas and hellcats cost less ? soo 100k is alot less wow everything you said here was dumb the only thing that happend was the 10 % but that is also dumb becuase 10 % is not even much maybe 25 % would have been fine or perhaps the cost for a loadout to go down from 20 k +
  9. Still waiting on that poll ... see what everyone thinks @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  10. my point is you dont play civ so dont talk like you do
  11. Okay you are stupid ... Orca is not that good compared to a ifrit ... a orica should for sure be cheaper ... what are the buffs to money smart guy ? come back with that ? and dont come with 10 % more bullshit thats nothing
  12. are you going to make the poll ? stop being stupid you know people agree with me ... money is aids on here just because yours is spawned is doesnt mean you have to be a dick to everyone who has to make it
  13. and your the exact reason people dont wanna play asylum ... your prob a carrier cop
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