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  1. How ?
  2. Any way you could perhaps decease ifrit prices ? and maybe lower mk1 prices just fix olympus money in general ... and do staff still give out money ?
  3. Server getting a update any time soon ?
  4. if there isnt a warzone rebel that is gay ...
  5. Still working on a update or is asylum done again ? ..
  6. + 1 for the guys with an X because that reminds me of xxx
  7. +1 TO EVERYTHING @Clint Beastwood
  8. Btw takes a night or 2 to fix money so hope you know how to edit numbers ... Dev
  9. This server makes me want to stab someone because the staff or whoever has a say doesnt do shit about money
  10. Ive been telling you but asylum is filled with hardheaded people
  11. please help asylum jesse open their eyes their server is a farming simulator + 1 @Jesse
  12. SOLID
  13. Okay buddy ... I can assure you when money is fixed and im on cap . you will see me for sure in chat wiping your gang with my ass
  14. Thats not a good thing its olympus I cant get my group on here because money is ass Agreed ...
  15. agreed and a small money buff ... and tempest devices Okay buddy I am not no shitter its just you die in altis life if you fight cartels are you stupid ? you prob dont fight you little fucking scat so dont talk ... you got a montage or something ? or you just a little bitch that sits in sofia ?