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  1. Objection, the assertion that v2 will ever come out is heresay.
  2. I went a little overboard on the glitch effect over a couple of shots towards the end xD
  3. I made this video as a test run for a new editing software I got to use for actual short films so this was just my three hour walk-through on how to use the software basically.
  4. @Clint Beastwood Maybe we should try Tanoa again now that Apex is highly discounted and the vast majority of players have it.
  5. All of these clips were probably gold nova master-ish. I never played long enough at one time to get a high rank.
  6. Someone posted one so I figured I would contribute.
  7. In-Game Name: Shadow Age: 17 Arma 3 Hours: 2400 Have you ever been banned? If so what for?: CL in 2016. Bank Account: 4 Million Anyone who can Vouch for you?: Wonky, Judg3 Why should we accept you?: I am interested in the gang and highly experienced. How active will you be?: Very Do you not meet some requirements? Which Ones? Why should we waive it for you?: None
  8. Knee-padding is worse, but I'd expect you know because I'm sure you've done your fair share.
  9. Why are you still posting on here? Thought you quit. Please make it all or nothing.
  10. Corporal and SGT applications should be accepted or denied based on a lack of disciplinary points and what they include in a detailed application. Constables that don't like to roll in groups of 20 just to kneepad the higher ups should not be punished the way they are with the current system.
  11. I agree that it should be second to successfully implementing V2; however, depending on the development time, it would certainly be done.
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