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  1. Not an innacurate statement actually
  2. urite
  3. Seems pretty irrelevant tbh
  4. I can in fact I will triple it!
  5. I mean i have one on server 3 but you know how server 3 is
  6. But i thought we were friends
  7. I gotchu Spoon this guy Kareem got rekt at a cartel so he went to donor to get regeared at one point he found Yenii and shot him. Then in side chat Yenii said that Kareem is so bad he can only kill Nakeds in Donor. Then Kareem killed him at a cartel and thats what we see.
  8. You might be the best Kavala rat i know
  9. wut... edit: never mind i thought you were saying he said the rule was you could only kill nakeds in Donor
  10. Your Parkinson's would prevent you from being able to get in the heli you old man
  11. But you couldve downed them
  12. Whats up Grandpa
  13. Well that's a problem our buddy here @Mitch (IFRIT) isn't a Dev he is our beautiful Community Manager and as he stated he has been gone so the communication with the Devs considering the server may be a little behind that's why he is here asking. So instead of being rude and yelling "HEY FUCK YOU FUCKING CAREER COP!" at peoples suggestions why don't we think about our own that might better the server and when we disagree with someones statement we can just have a conversation expressing our own views.
  14. Well when you come up with a good idea for Civs I am sure they'd love to hear it but as of right now it only seems like the people in the APD have valid ideas to better the community that aren't just "GIVE US MORE MONEY WE DONT WANNA GRIND!"