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  1. I don't think it's overpowered. It's a 6.5 so it's harder to shoot people out of ifrits or orcas, and it's not very good at a distance. I think most people would still use the Mk1 or mk18
  2. Had a lot of fun fighting you, hope you do come back
  3. @Pizza Man
  4. thank fuck
  5. the chinese are here to bring back gang life
  6. nice man pizza man
  7. So not only do you lose your gun and license, but now you also get a 7.5k charge? Add attempted manslaughter to that, and that's about 30k lost with a full BH loadout. I think that's a little too much.
  8. $2000 a month to get taru rotorlib removed? And $1300 to stack CSAT and carrier lites? I really hope this is a joke.