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  1. At least I say APD hands up after I siren
  2. Would be a reason for 14K to make a return.
  3. I play cop for the rOLe pLaY
  4. Public humiliation is a good thing.
  5. Pulldowns are not hard to get. It's a matter of pressing CTRL + C , CTRL + V , save and run. If they are getting accused, they are probably using them.
  6. You're saying for the community to not call someone out when they cheat because it tends to get cheaters banned and then there won't be anymore cheaters to make montages. I read what you said fine.
  7. This dudes aim jerks around like a fucking spaz and he says it's because he doesn't have a mousepad. You have always been a fucking idiot and I see that hasn't changed.
  8. Lil Guapo go hard
  9. sorry I'm just silly
  10. Is 8.0 going to let cops get money for seizing illegal vehicles ?
  11. Do u shoot nerf bullets? Everyone u shoot tanks like hell.
  12. u play on a toaster.