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  1. P sure that shit has been gone for a while
  2. You guys all look like fucking retards arguing about this shit lmfao. kinda funny in all honesty.
  3. I'd piss in my own mouth for the white one.
  4. He's a good child trying to help the families in need.
  5. He is selling Percocet now to help with the Irma relief efforts.
  6. @Bunni ifrit push = best push
  7. Explains why you shit yourself and didn't bother to change
  8. You have a gnarly shit stain on ur shorts.
  9. You weren't lying with that title.
  10. Is no one else taking notice that this guy just got downed by a helicopter blowing up?
  11. RIP

    Damn, looks like it tossed that big ass tree like a rag doll.
  12. I'll miss u my Brazilian friend. Be careful of the el banditos with the .50 cals raiding your village
  13. Frick @Mayhem also for this oldie of me crashing my first heli while in duplicity and still bullying me about it to this day.
  14. I noted to add u and forgot
  15. I'm probably not going to be playing anymore but I may hop on every now and then and play with some of the boys. Cya to all ma homies even tho that some of y'all don't play anymore ;(. @thero @BlackBlade @Jwilly @Space @bigjohn561 @Vortex @eduardo_carvalho16_11 @TROPICAL @Glass of Water @cHIP —ĄTLE @Valencia @Callumm @Cougar. @Winchester @KrazyKnight @Kale @VladimirDmuh @Reformed Katheeri You guys made playing asylum (and anything else we played) fun and an enjoyable experience even if I raged at ya