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Shout out, Murmurs 2.0!!!

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What up Asylum!! Been almost 2 years since I left...man. Swung by forums to see what was going on and still saw a lot of my old-school pals and nemesis still hanging around. Shout out to @Robbo @Rodrigo @Survivalizer @Bikstok @Destrah @Painbringa112 @Snatch @Mako @Vash @Tanner @Zoex @Buckwalter @Leviathan @Ranger @Outlander @Jason @Beenie

And many more. My brain just hurts trying to recall them all.

I think I may jump on a bit and see how bad I've become and just how long it takes before the 1000 keyboard commands needed to step over a fence in Arma overtake me!

Hit me up if you guys still play regularly, you can help catch me up to speed.

Also, hello to all the new players and Kavala trolls!

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2 hours ago, Zoex said:

Sup dude, welcome back to this dead super active community.. 
Best of luck in those streets :P


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it was a joke plz no hate


deep down it wasn't

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