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  1. most likely means your ISP is throttling you if that's true.
  2. Outlander


    @Chocolate Thank mr skeletal
  3. I still miss the days of Battlefield 1942 2142 was pretty sweet taking over the other team's titan.
  4. You must have had brass knuckles
  5. Well it already looks like a massive improvement from BE. Don't think that is too difficult for BE though.
  6. If you haven't heard yet. Today, Civilization VI has been announced and will be released on PC October 21, 2016. Now another game for me to destroy @Sojobo in. I'm really excited to play. Read some of the changes they made public so far. Sounds really promising. Here's the trailer and some screenshots Screenshots:
  7. Snatch lock. Otherwise known as a chastity belt.
  8. I would just love another WW2 game. I mean look at Wolfenstein: New Order. That game was simply amazing imo. Old Blood was alright but damn first time playing through New Order was so much fun. WW1 will definitely do though
  9. Here's the best I can do in paint in about 2 minutes
  10. More truth right here than will be in your diss track
  11. Don't know if you'll really remember me. But nice to have you back
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